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Call Center Greetings

Whether you manage a big call center or just a handful of people, greeting your customers to maintain a long-term relationship must be one of your top priorities. There are more ways than one to impress your callers by being less robotic, more empathetic. This however depends on your business goals and how you would like to represent your organization to your audience. 

A lot of companies, including SMEs and even solopreneurs are using Interactive Voice Response or IVR to ensure a no-miss business call. 

Here are a few call center greetings you can either provide to your calling agent or automate on a call management tool like toll free number and Cloud call center. And the best part? You don’t need a big call center for this. 

For customer service-related calls: 

“Hi, this is (name of the agent) at (Company), How may I help you?” 

“Hello, welcome to (company name). Please leave your name and message. We’ll get back to you at the earliest.” 

“Thank you for calling (company name). How may we assist you today?” 

You can also automate your IVR with industry-standard messaging such as, “Press 1 for sales”, “Press 2 for HR”, “Press 3 for admin”, “Press 4 for complaints”, “Press 5 to talk to our agents”, etc. Want to try IVR for your small business, Try your 3-day free demo here.

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