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Call Blending

Call blending is a system that allows the call center agents who are tasked to attend incoming calls only to make outgoing calls as well when the volume of incoming calls is less. It also happens when there is a necessity to make more outgoing calls than the normally required. This system eliminates the need of manually switching between outgoing and incoming calling systems, thus saving the precious time of call center agents and improving their productivity. In older days, call centers did not have automatic systems like call blending and hence if they had to ask the incoming call attending team to make outgoing calls it was a big headache for them and slowed down their business process by a few hours.

In today’s world, call blending can be commonly found in almost all the call centers. This technology allows call center agents to work faster, handle more work load and also support the other calling groups as and when needed by them. Moreover, this saves the call center a lot of time and ultimately a lot of money as well as provides them with a workforce that can make outgoing calls if the incoming calls are less in number or if the demand of the former is high.

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