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Bottom of the Funnel (BoFu)

BoFu is the third and final stage of the 3 stage sales funnel used by sales and marketing professionals to segment their leads, nurture them and ultimately sell to them. BoFu is an abbreviation for Bottom of the Funnel. This is the stage where people are interested in buying a company’s product or service. This is indicative of the fact that the company or brand was successful addressing customer needs and portraying itself as the best provider of the product or service in question. When the lead has reached the bottom of the funnel or BoFu stage, all that’s left is to give a little push to them so that they make the purchase. This push comes in the form of calls from the sales team or ad showing how easy it is to purchase and set up the product or service.

BoFu is the golden stage for the sales and marketing teams. If you are looking for examples of this stage, think about yourself when you have added a product in your online cart but haven’t yet paid for it. The app will send you notifications or emails telling you to complete the purchase. That little push is meant to incite you to make that purchase.

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