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AUX/Auxiliary Time

Auxiliary Time, also known as AUX is the status of calling agents when they are unavailable to take incoming calls. Since the key to an effective call center setup is to manage time, it is imperative to distribute the tasks to your calling agents. 

When they are on a break for non-call activities, it is mostly marked as ‘away’, ‘unavailable’, or AUX. Non-calling activities may include a variety of tasks such as training, meetings, coaching, prep time, breaks, manual processes, ACW or after Call Work, emails, etc. 

However, it’s a poor practice to overuse AUX codes for reasons more than one. It can often lead to confusing the other agents and the ultimate purpose of boosting efficiency might get diluted in the process. 

There are many ways to monitor and analyze AUX time at your call center. 

  • Create an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) stating when and how AUX time can be used by the agents
  • Be clear about their targets and ask them to document their challenges, if any. This will be needed for coaching purposes. 
  • Use tools to analyze their performance and make sure you get access to real-time reporting for training purposes. 

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