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Virtual Number for Business: A 10-Digit Solution to Your Business Problems

Virtual Number for business A 10 digit solution to your business problems
MyOperator / Blog / Virtual Number for Business: A 10-Digit Solution to Your Business Problems

Sales agents are finding it difficult to keep track of missed customer calls.

Marketers are blindly investing in their campaigns without analyzing the actual ROI.

Recruiters are getting sacked with unmanaged calls, hampering their daily functioning.

Above all, entrepreneurs are dealing with other multi-dimensional problems, hindering their goal accomplishments.

All such issues have a big or small effect on the working, productivity, and efficiency of businesses.

Through this blog, I tend to address these problems with a simple 10-digit solution, a Virtual number for business.

Technically, it acts a primary/display number for mobile or landline and connects multiple mobile numbers behind it. One of the major benefits that goes hand-in-hand is the ability to serve numerous call management features alongside, like Call Tracking, Call Forwarding, Call Recording, and many more., especially when integrated with call center software.

Now, if that sounds like something you’d benefit from, you’ll love what’s coming up.

Advantages of a Virtual Phone Number for entrepreneurs like you and why the department heads at your business should be more excited about it.

Sales Agents, Time for Some Fresh Air

Calls, missed calls, and call backs ー you live and breathe around these issues every day. These issues lie in the core areas of business prospecting. However, they don’t have to be as complex as they seem.

Here comes the savior.

A Virtual Number ー it will route your incoming business calls to your mobile number and eliminate the need to stick to your office desk, making field job and work-after-office-hours convenient than ever before. It will also ensure zero missed calls, favor timely callbacks, and prompt thorough follow-ups, of course, with greater effectiveness.

In broad strokes, it will help you deliver refined and confusion-free communication with your customers.

Marketers, Let’s Get You on the Right “Track”

As a marketer, reaching the right audience is one of the vital requisites for you. You plan promotional campaigns for wider reach through different platforms out there. However, it’s equally important you timely monitor the performance of each campaign/platform and move forward accordingly.

Analytical tools help you track the actions performed on your ad campaigns, but what about the calls you’re getting?

Emails. Social media. PPC. 一 are you aware which platform led to those inbound calls?

There’ll be times when you won’t know, but a Virtual Number for business will.

For instance, a separate Mobile Number is assigned to each platform viz. emails, social media, WhatsApp API or PPC. You’ll be then able to track the source of your business calls while also deciphering which campaign/platform worked best for you.

Further to this, you can invest in your campaigns accordingly and prevent unworthy marketing expenditure, creating a smart yet simple way to shape your marketing efforts.

Recruiters, Mind Some Relaxation?

Recruiters, things are surely not easy for you. Multiple contact numbers, too many calls, different issues, manual call transfer ー quite hectic.

Here’s when a Virtual Phone Number comes to the rescue…

Let a single number be used for the entire HR department. Calls will be routed as per the callers’ input and concern, say, job seeking, employee issue, or general enquiry. This will automate your call distribution between executives (recruitment and operations) and save you from daily inconvenience.

Also, a Virtual Number for business in India could be used for publishing on job/recruitment portals. This will prevent you from sending your personal number out in the public and ensure your privacy without having you to compromise with your responsibilities as a recruiter.

Here’s how foodpanda automated and simplified it’s recruitment process using a virtual number provider for business paired with an Outbound IVR system.

Entrepreneurs, Let’s Help you Achieve Some Business Goals

Business goals, objectives, and strategies are interdependent. All efforts and tactics are put towards achieving them. But along with everything else, even a phone number can be a helping hand.

To begin with, a professional appearance is what a Virtual Phone Number will get for your business. An easily available contact number or toll free number will add to the trust and authenticity of your business.

Also, a centralized display number will increase your business reach and make accessibility easier for your prospects and customers.

In fact, as you’ve read above, easier working for your department heads will fetch you more efficiency from them. A simplified recruitment process effectively tracked marketing, and upgraded customer communication together will advance your business functioning and services.

Hence, to sum it up, Virtual Phone Numbers the new cloud call center solution for businesses like yours. The features are many and the benefits are more. It will save you time, money, and possibly even some frustration.

How about rolling the benefits in your business, today?

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