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Bring authenticity to your business with a Vanity Number

Bring authenticity to your business with a Vanity Number
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Before evaluating the pros and cons of a vanity number for business, I would like to ask one simple question:

On a scale of 1-10, how often do you remember a particular phone number completely?

If your answer is somewhere between 7-10, I’d definitely want to appreciate your memory power here!

But let’s be honest here, most of us will fall somewhere between 1-7 criteria.

Memorizing 10 digit phone numbers used to be a difficult task since the time we were introduced to mobile phones.

This necessity has generated multiple directories for users for number keeping and having access to a particular number whenever it is required.

Herein, remembering the phone number of a business company is all the way out of the option.

Well, this is why businesses were introduced to the idea of fancy virtual numbers.

The top-scoring benefit of virtual numbers and toll free numbers is that they can be customized in such a way that represents their business aptly and ensures higher recall value in front of their customers. The top-scoring benefit of virtual numbers and toll-free numbers is that they can be customized in such a way that represents their business aptly, ensuring higher recall value in front of their customers. If you’re wondering how to get a toll-free number, there are various service providers that can help you set up a toll-free number for your business.

This not only helps in streamlining the entire customer interaction process but also gives customers the opportunity to memorize your business number in one go. To make your business number more memorable, there is a solution known as Vanity Number.

Certainly, there are more chances of your customer to reach out to you quickly if your business number is easy to remember.  

Truely, numbers like 1800-9898-9898 will stay in your head more than numbers like 9784789470. Isn’t it?

This is why businesses need to have a vanity number for their much effective branding.

What does a vanity number mean?

Vanity numbers are virtual numbers or tollfree numbers that are specifically customized for easy recalling. To be specific, a vanity number serves the purpose when your customers are able to memorize the number easily and can reach your business in real-time.

For example, MyOperator uses a vanity number that is customized as 92129 92129. It’s concise and easy to recall. Similarly, vanity numbers can also be customized both the words and numbers, for example, 1-800-FLOWERS is a vanity number for a US-based flower delivery service. To dial this number, one needs to press the letters written just below the phone’s keypad. So, for dialing 1-800-FLOWERS, you need to input 1-800-3569377.

What are the benefits of vanity number?

Easy to memorize

A vanity number is basically a fancy number that is easy to remember. For example, tollfree numbers such as 1800-8989-8989 are actually easy to remember. These customized vanity numbers stand out completely out of the rest when it comes to dialing them on time.

At present day, when people have incredibly busy lives, presenting something like a vanity number will definitely boost sales because customers will find it easy to contact your business when the number is on their fingertips.

Improved customer outreach

Vanity number allows customers to reach your business instantly. Therefore, a vanity number can attract your national to the international audience smoothly. The more customers recall your vanity number, the more there will be instances that your business will be remembered.

Vanity numbers are the key components for better customer care experience. It enables customers to call businesses anytime they want without any additional help. Hence, having a vanity number for your business is itself beneficial for business communication.

Enhanced brand value

A vanity number is totally a business statement. It is as important as the other facets that are considered to be your brand’s personalized individual property such as a logo or a brand name. A vanity number definitely reinforces your brand’s identity.

Therefore, choosing a well-designed vanity number will bring not only aesthetics to your business number but also a certain kind of vanity which is important in reinforcing your brand reputation.

Business expansion

With vanity number, you can easily expand your business outreach to both global and local levels. It is easily customizable, swift in customer reachability and quick to recall. Hence, a vanity number is such a blessing for the businesses.

Apart from this, a vanity number is easy to memorize, hence it will stay in your customer’s memory for a longer time. That’s the reason why your business will be there in your customer’s head in the long run.

Improved global outreach

Without any doubt expanding your business horizon globally is way easier with a vanity number. Vanity numbers, being a tollfree or virtual number can forward multiple calls, track and record calls on time. This is the reason why a vanity number helps exponentially in expanding your business’ global reach.

For sure, the importance of vanity numbers cannot be neglected. They are beneficial at every level when it comes to increasing customer outreach and expanding your business’ horizons.

Business accessibility with vanity number

While walking down to a busy road full of different buzzing advertisements, the only thing which will catch your attention is something that is easy to grasp and perfect in its message. Vanity number fulfills this criterion. Your customized business vanity number is something that will fetch customers, boost your business reach and increase your business’ productivity.

This is how a vanity number will be an inevitable option for your businesses. If you want to scale your business to another level, choosing a vanity number is one of the beneficial options that you should go for.

To conclude this, I would say there are multiple advantages that a vanity number can provide for your business. Benefits like increased customer outreach to building your business around a vanity number and reinforcing your brand image to expanding your global reach are all accessible with easy by availing a vanity number.

Without any further ado, get your own customized vanity number with MyOperator and streamline your business communication to stay remembered!

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