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Why 1800 Numbers Still Matter In Indian Businesses?

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“Are you struggling to create a customer care number?” Such questions might seem not-so-important for some but here you are making a mistake. How? 

Technology has transformed the way we communicate, toll free numbers are one such bone in the business world.

Despite the increasing number of modern communication channels, the toll-free numbers continue to be a vital part of business plans for Indian businesses. 

Let’s explore the advantages of 1800 numbers,1800 toll free number price in India and the opportunities they offer for boosting customer loyalty and business expansion, and the reasons they still matter in Indian businesses.

The Advantages Of 1800 Number India

Advantages Of 1800 Number India

Through the smart use of toll-free no, businesses can strengthen their brand presence, improve customer service, promote long-term success and a lot more. Let’s explore the advantages of 1800 numbers India:

1. Accessibility

1800 numbers for business are still important in India mostly because of their exceptional accessibility. The fact that these toll free no are free to call significantly lowers the obstacle that separates consumers from businesses. 

The 1800 number India gives businesses operating in various regions of India equal opportunity due to the immense variations in connection. 

Customers may interact with a business easily whether they are located in a small Assamese village or the busy metropolis of Mumbai, which promotes integration and improves the customer base.

2. Toll free Number Offers Professional Outlook 

!800 Toll-Free Service Provider

1800 toll free numbers provide businesses more credibility and professionalism . A toll-free number suggests that the business is reputable and dedicated to providing excellent customer care. 

The presence of a toll-free number gives customers confidence in a competitive market where trust is essential by providing immediate and effective handling of their issues. 

This impression of professionalism can play a significant role in gaining new clients and keeping existing ones, particularly in sectors like banking, food, and healthcare where dependability and trust are essential.

Bakasur, a renowned restaurant chain in Bangalore, known for its use of natural products in food preparation, faced challenges in managing calls and bookings .

As per Bakasur’s branding, MyOperator provided Bakasur a toll-free number with an IVR system that was customised with a monster voice.

This led to:

  • Increased brand awareness for Bakasur.
  • Enhanced brand recall achieved through the distinctive monster voice IVR solution.
  • Higher traffic and recurring sales for Bakasur.
  • Efficient campaign plannings
  • Gain of insights through MyOperator Call Management solution.

3. Branding and Marketing

When it comes to branding and marketing, 1800 numbers are highly adaptable. You can personalise these numbers by adding notable words or company names to help people remember them. 

For instance, a business that sells only local products would want to use the 1800-LOCAL number, which would immediately link their name to their target market. Toll-free phone numbers can also be easily incorporated into campaigns, acting as a call to action to potential customers to get in touch.

Toll-free 1800 number for business can be Integrated into following channels:

  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Print ads
  • TV commercials 

This allows businesses to communicate directly with customers, increasing brand awareness and interaction.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Obtaining a toll-free 1800 number India is today more affordable than it has ever been; especially with the emergence of competitive pricing options offered by numerous toll free number providers in India. Have you heard about the cheapest toll free number in India?

Well, businesses can choose from a wide range of needs-based packages, ensuring they only pay for the services they actually use. In addition to saving money, toll-free service numbers also assist businesses in reducing expenses by simplifying their customer service processes. 

  • Businesses can save money and improve profitability by centralising incoming calls and using IVR phone systems.
  • IVR solutions help them manage resources better and reduce overhead expenses.
  • Businesses can also use messaging apps like WhatsApp for business to provide an omnichannel approach 
  • With WhatsApp business number, clients can send messages to business for:
  1. Orders, 
  2. Customer service
  3. Recent updates & offers
  • Incorporating multiple channels of communication makes things easier, cost effective, and more convenient for both businesses and customers.

5. Toll free Number Analytics

Toll free Number Analytics

Toll-free numbers provide access to a wide range of useful data and analytics potential, particularly when combined with advanced call center software

Toll-free numbers with cloud call center software allow businesses to get more insight into their consumer interactions than landline numbers do. They can easily monitor and evaluate a range of metrics, including:

  • Call volumes
  • Peak hours
  • Geographic distribution
  • Caller demographics.

Provided with this data, businesses can improve their approaches to marketing, identifying the best channels and content to connect with their target audience. 

Choosing The Right Toll-Free Service Provider

 1800 Toll-Free Service Provider

While considering how to purchase toll free number for their business, Indian enterprises must choose a reliable and reputable service provider. 

Factors that businesses carefully need to evaluate to ensure that the chosen provider aligns with the company’s objectives and requirements include:

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Network coverage
  • Customer support 

Fortunately, businesses can now compare options and choose the toll free service provider that delivers the best deal as more and more companies are joining the market.

1800 Toll Free Number Price In India

1800 number Service Provider In India
  • The price of a 1800 toll-free number in India can vary depending on several factors.
  • Some toll free number providers in India offer competitive pricing packages tailored to the needs of businesses.
  • Pricing may be influenced by factors such as the number of minutes included in the plan, additional features like IVR and call recording, and customer support.
  • It’s essential for businesses to research and compare pricing options from different toll free number providers in India to find the most cost-effective solution.
  • Businesses should consider the long-term value and benefits of investing in a 1800 toll-free number, such as enhanced customer service capabilities and brand awareness.

Are you Ready to get your 1800 Number for Business?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 1800 numbers are generally free to call within India.
All you need to do is just dial "1800" as the first digit of the toll-free number, then the remaining numbers.
Several toll free service providers offer toll-free numbers in India, including Airtel, MyOperator, and Reliance Jio. Research to find the one that suits your needs best.
 There is usually no charge for calling 1800 numbers in India. 
 To choose which choice is best for your business needs at the lowest cost, compare the features and pricing offered by several toll free number provider
To set up a toll-free number for your brand, contact a toll free number service provider and inquire about their toll-free number options. To get more information, contact
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