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Make sure your business can work remotely with a cloud-based phone system.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way businesses work today. Organizations all across the globe have transitioned towards the work-from-home process, so as to continue their operations without any disruption.

One aspect that has greatly helped companies tide over these difficult times is having a seamless communication system. After all, communication is the golden key to success!

It is vital for senior managers, team members, clients, vendors, and other organizational stakeholders to remain in touch for better collaboration. In such a scenario, your traditional copper-wired phone system will not be enough – you need an accessible, flexible and convenient platform.

So, what’s the solution? Well, cloud-based phone systems can transform your business by ensuring that your team remains connected with your customers, even while they work-from-home. 

Unlike landline telephones that involve installing a complete network on-premise, cloud-based phone systems comprise remotely hosted servers and store data in the cloud. This means that your employees can access important information, irrespective of geographical location and remain connected.

Which Business Sectors Need To Switch To Cloud-Based Phone Solutions?

The rapid spread of the Coronavirus has disrupted corporate operations worldwide. Companies are facing numerous challenges in routine task management, and lack of effective communication ranks high amongst them.

However, the invention of cloud telephony has made life easier as its features significantly support remote working. It helps your team members to respond to client calls round the clock so that they can provide required customer support and not miss important business calls.

Here are certain sectors that can improve productivity, and save costs by switching over to cloud-based phone solutions during the difficult COVID-19 crisis:

Cloud-based solution for the Telemedicine industry:

Social distancing is the key to combating the novel Coronavirus. However, individual health and safety is still important, and this is the prime reason that the telemedicine industry is undergoing a massive boom.

In fact, just in the month of March, 2020 telehealth visits across the globe surged by 50%. No one wants to physically go to hospitals or consult doctors to avoid any kind of infection; hence virtual visits are the easiest solution.

Cloud-based phone systems will prove highly advantageous in the telemedicine industry. It will empower the medical teams to remain accessible 24*7 to their patients so that no precious time is wasted in diagnosis and treatment.

Landline phones will need doctors, nurses and medical practitioners to remain on their desk the entire day, which is really not possible while working from home. Providing healthcare services through cloud-based phone platforms is the need of the hour – there will be no missed patient calls, costs will remain low for the medical community, and allow for better service to elderly and sick people. 

It is highly recommended for the telemedicine sector to adopt cloud telephony techniques at the earliest. Doctors and healthcare professionals need to scan the market, assess their requirements, and invest in a reliable solution from credible service providers such as MyOperator

A virtual phone number from MyOperator will be an ideal solution as they will be able to receive calls from across the country and monitor all patient calls. IVR solutions will help doctors’ route patient calls efficiently when there is unexpected high call traffic. In case a doctor is unavailable, he can even forward patient calls to other physicians on his medical team so that there is no delay in providing assistance to the patient.

A cloud-based solution is a must-have asset for the telemedicine field in these dire COVID-19 times and will go a long way in pushing up speedy healthcare for affected people.

Remote call handling solution for Healthcare industry:

The healthcare industry is undergoing tumultuous times with the Coronavirus nightmare. There is a lot of panic, and confusion that is leading to delayed treatment of needy patients.

Health workers, nurses, pharmaceutical vendors and sanitation staff all need to communicate to boost productivity, and treat the maximum number of affected people from our community. It is imperative for them to remain accessible at all times, so that they can provide required healthcare services to patients.

Landline phones are of little use, as the Coronavirus pandemic needs to be handled aggressively by the healthcare domain. They need to be quick in providing responses; hence investing in a cloud-based phone system is the best option for them.

The interactive voice response system can handle simple queries, and also help people self-direct themselves to the required healthcare service. Call recording feature ensures that all patient calls are recorded for further use, and healthcare workers can refer to them at any time to access data. Healthcare industry professionals can also track calls, and analyze major issues with patients so that they are better prepared to tackle their problems.

MyOperator is the perfect solution for all cloud-based phone system requirements in the current Coronavirus scenario. It has many viable options that will enable healthcare workers to conduct all communication and serve patients while they work-from-home. 

A market leader in cloud telephony, MyOperator provides customized and scalable IVR solution that leads to seamless two-way business communication. It would definitely be highly beneficial for the healthcare sector to transition from obsolete landline phones to the revolutionary cloud-based phone solutions at the earliest!

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Cloud-based solution B2B SaaS providers:

While the Coronavirus pandemic has affected quite a few industries negatively, there is still a lot of demand for B2B SaaS applications. This is because organizations all over the globe are revamping their remote work operations strategies, and there is a heavy demand for SaaS products.

Getting a cloud-based virtual phone system is a must for B2B SaaS companies as they will be able to connect better with vendors, suppliers, and clients. It is important to connect with a credible service provider such as MyOperator as they will be able to customize a cloud-hosted business phone system for all your requirements.

Since most employees from B2B SaaS products marketing companies are working from home, they need to actively receive customer calls and respond to their queries.

MyOperator can provide companies with scalable cloud-based phone systems that will boost accessibility, and build team collaboration through an array of impressive business features. It is the best way to put up a robust communication infrastructure during the COVID-19 situation and ensure that all business activities continue as before.

Virtual phone system for the Insurance sector:

Since insurance is an essential service, despite the Coronavirus situation, insurance firms are still operating round the clock. A lot of businesses are going in for insurance policies to protect their monetary profits, leading to a surge in demand for insurance products.

Insurance agents need to remain connected to clients; hence getting a cloud-based phone system is a holistic solution for them. Insurance companies need to move over from traditional landline phones as it is just not possible for their employees to remain chained to their desks all the time, while working from home.

There are many advantages that insurance firms can get by investing in a virtual phone number or toll-free number by MyOperator. Managers will be able to track calls made by customers seeking insurance products and provide them with speedy service. Team members will be able to share data without any hurdles, and connect with clients, even after working hours.

While it can be daunting for insurance companies to make the transition to cloud-based phone platforms, however, it will surely allow them to continue with business operations smoothly, despite the turbulent environment due to the Corona pandemic.

Cloud-based phone system for the Telecom sector:

It is difficult to imagine life without telecom carrier services during the Coronavirus crisis. Telecom companies are still operating and providing required cable and wireless data services to clients all over the world.

Since telecom operators are under tremendous pressure to maintain vital infrastructure and service during this time, it is important for firms to invest in cloud-based phone systems. This will enable their call agents to respond to customer queries, and provide excellent support to clients.

Cloud call center solution providers such as MyOperator are ideal for telecom organizations as they rank high on cybersecurity, and provide many business features that encourage remote work. MyOperator provides a range of cost-effective options that can be customized for companies to boost productivity during the COVID-19 crisis and boost collaboration between remote work teams. 

The telecom industry needs speedy and agile communication solutions for better performance – nothing better than virtual phone systems to enhance smooth task flow management in the current situation!

The entire business world is trying to reinvent strategies to cope with the ongoing Coronavirus strategy. One vital area that you cannot afford to ignore is communication, especially since your entire workforce is conducting tasks remotely.

Make sure to invest in a reliable cloud-based phone system from a leading remote call center software service provider such as MyOperator. Not only will your call agents remain available for clients throughout the day, but your organization will also gain access to useful features such as call forwarding, voicemail and interactive voice response.

It is time for businesses to remain proactive and rediscover work-from-home measures. Getting a cloud-based phone solution will ensure an increase in all key bottom-line results and give your business a competitive edge!

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