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5 Reasons Why businesses are Choosing Cloud PBX?

5 Reasons Why businesses are Choosing Cloud PBX? [Illustration by MyOperator.]
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2020 is the digital age of more and more technological advancements. It has changed how the business process is done, the way the employees connect, and the way businesses interact with their clients. During 2020, remote working has taken a big leap and now more than ever people are working from home.

In remote working especially, lack of communication hampers the successful running of business operations. While, in the digital age, we have chat, video calls, and all other sorts of communication mediums at our fingertips, phone calls still remain one of the most preferred ways to communicate. Therefore, phones are considered one of the top choices for communication between the employees, businesses, co-workers, and clients. 

Business communication and Cloud PBX

Given the above context, in this post, you will get to know why an increasing number of businesses are choosing cloud PBX phone systems to connect their employees and get in touch with their clients. You will also get to know different benefits that cloud-based phone systems can bring to your organization on the top of simplifying business communication.

What do you mean by Cloud PBX Phone System?

Cloud PBX—Private Branch Exchange—Phone System is a cloud-based service that facilitates integrated communication over phone without any hardware installation. The cost of this system is significantly less and is very flexible than other traditional communication sources.

Cloud PBX is entirely built in a cloud-based ecosystem to provide access to the server through the internet connection. The most important advantage of using the cloud-based PBX system is that you don’t have to install a dedicated server to have web-based communication in offices. It is the best way to save the extra cost and space spent on the traditional servers. 

Why are businesses choosing Cloud PBX?

5 Reasons Why businesses are Choosing Cloud PBX? [Illustration by MyOperator.]
5 Reasons Why businesses are Choosing Cloud PBX? [Illustration by MyOperator.]

There are more than one reasons for businesses to choose Cloud PBX for their internal as well as external communication. It provides the fastest and most effective way to implement a communication system at scale, without any geographical restrictions.  

With Cloud PBX phone systems, corporate communication is also simplified by integrating it with other channels used to communicate such as a toll-free number, and make workflow efficient in the modern age including software for chat, video calls, CRM, etc.

Advantages of using Cloud PBX Phone Systems?

Besides providing a simplified, efficient and unified communication experience, there are many more ways in which Cloud PBX can make your business better.

Let’s explore.


The cloud based PBX phone system is a smart-budget-friendly option because it reduces the cost otherwise spent on the old-style phone equipment and maintaining those.

With zero hardware requirements, the entire set up being done at the end of the cloud call center service provider, and a pay-as-you-go pricing model, a modern PBX system brings the capital cost of setting up a business phone system to zero.

Besides savings in terms of set up cost, calls made with Cloud PBX phone systems are pretty affordable. Thanks to the now available one-way outgoing feature, now you can make outbound business calls at 2X lower cost. With Cloud PBX, businesses with a heavy outbound call volume can literally save millions in their telephone bills!

Reliable and secure

Reportedly, attacks on VoIP phone systems are on a sustained increase! Hackers find it easy to crack traditional PBX systems to find their unwelcomed way into the corporate network, introduce malware and steal information. 

By using Cloud-based PBX System, you can level-up the security of your data and privacy and safety of your stakeholders. All cloud-telephony solutions use modern layers of security including encryption, secure VPN connection, and device authentication. These security layers are much-needed to defeat the well-equipped hackers who we have to face today and ensure safe and secured communication at a business level.

Cloud phone systems are continuously monitored and managed by a team of highly technical staff, 24/7. Thanks to tight surveillance, a fully resilient infrastructure in place with multiple copies of data across different data centres, and multiple carriers to take care of voice breakout, reliability is guaranteed with Cloud PBX. 

Flexible, Scalable, and easy to upgrade:

A cloud-based solution is flexible and scalable. New features are added easily, and as a bonus, you usually only pay the cost for resources that you really use. Pay-per-use pricing reduces costs because you only pay for the actually utilized bandwidth and seats. The addition of new features and changes in the configuration can be done very quickly. 

With hosted PBX, businesses can change call settings at a glance, right in the live panel. If you’re scaling up the traditional PBX system, you have to take the trouble of adding new servers and mobile equipment. With cloud-based PBX, all the backend resources are managed in the cloud by the provider, scaling-up can be done with a few taps on your mobile or a couple of clicks on your computer screen. Whether you want to add one new seat or a thousands of them, all of it is done in seconds. 

Cloud PBX also offers the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere. Employees can login into the Cloud PBX from any device and take the entire business phone system with them wherever they go. That’s why with a surge in remote working we are seeing more and more businesses adapting Cloud PBX.

Also, when it comes to upgrading systems, it is effortless to deploy new updates for cloud PBX systems without the help of any IT person. This is because the service provider manages the server. So, every time an upgrade is available, the provider performs updates remotely without requiring any effort at your end, seamlessly delivering the updates.

Easy setup and maintenance

Another crucial factor is the ease of set up and how easy it is to maintain the Cloud PBX system. Unlike a traditional PBX, hosted PBX can be set up almost instantly. This is so because the implementation does not require the infrastructure on-site, making the whole solution easy to set up and maintain.

If you are aware of the traditional PBX system, the businesses needed to hire full-time staff who know the system to make significant changes in the system or resolve the system issues. Hosted PBX needs no such efforts, saving you a hefty amount in your IT budgets.

The further provider makes it easy for you to configure, customize, and extend cloud PBX systems with the help of a user-friendly dashboard that can be easily accessed by you. This dashboard can be used to monitor the incoming and outgoing calls. 

Unified communication

Unified communications are all about combining several communication channels into a single point of access.

The Cloud PBX is a perfect enabler of unified communications. It can be integrated with apps for chat, video calling, and CRM. Unified communication leads to more consistent and accessible communications with customers by enabling them to use their preferred channel. 

For example, when you’re on a phone call through a desktop softphone and have to leave for a while, rather than having to hang up, you can forward calls to your cell phone and keep the conversation going. 

With enhanced integration with tools for instant messaging such as the WhatsApp Business API, and CRM integration, Cloud PBX can also make the job of your staff much more efficient and productive.

Smart call management features

Cloud PBX comes pre packed with multiple call management system features which further simplify the communication and makes the workflows efficient:

Call queuing

In case of heavy call volume, Cloud PBX systems can place the calls coming from the customers in a queue so that those can be distributed to the agents as soon as they become free of another call, in a flow. This way, the customers have a lower chance of their calls going unattended and don’t have to wait long making them happy and satisfied. 

Conferencing calling

With software solutions that take advantage of cloud-based PBX, web conferencing becomes very easy. Usually, only with a click of a button, you will be able to add a call that will create a team-based environment. 

Call Recording

call center software Call recording feature allows you to record every call made through Cloud PBX and store a copy of the recording in the secured cloud. It is very useful for those who want to review the call center calls for compliance and training. It can help agents as well to coach themselves while working on the field and get better at solving the callers’ problems or queries.This call center software feature is essential for improving customer service and ensuring that your call center operates efficiently.

Call monitoring

Virtual PBX solutions also allow call monitoring which is used in conjunction with call barging to ensure quality and power conversion. It is an excellent tool for supervisors to verify the performance of the agents.

IVR menu

With IVR number of Cloud PBX, you can use a custom IVR menu for all inbound as well as outbound calls. With the smart features like Humanoid Voice, MyOperator makes it very easy for you to create and change unlimited IVR menus right from your call management panel. 

Cloud-hosted PBX solutions can help you level-up your company’s internal as well external communication and provide a unified connectivity throughout your organization. It also empowers you to enjoy the experience of full-fledged business phone systems while working from anywhere while also making the entire workflow efficient with its smart call management features.

About the author: Amy Watson is a zealous writer and with her passion to read and write about technology and telecom and its implementation in our modern world. Her inquisitiveness towards learning about how technology has evolved and changed its perception in the society is commendable. With such curiosity embedded in herself, she researches extensively before writing a blog to deliver a credible and detailed content piece.

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