High time you move from Traditional PBX to Hosted PBX [Infographic]

High time you move from Traditional PBX to Hosted PBX
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Calls are irreplaceable!

A call as a medium is the foremost interaction of any potential customer with a company. And, it has got to be flawless.

We all business people, we know it!

You and I both obviously want our call handling systems to minimize the inconvenience and maximize our gains, fair usage, and user-friendliness for the no-techies-only-laymen like us.

So, with maturing technology that’s giving us the desired convenience in business-and-customer communication and assurance of driving optimum results from it, now it’s time when switching to something new shouldn’t sound alien.

For instance, are you still receiving calls on your landline? Missed calls and lost business opportunities, are you still experiencing and regretting them?

Say Hello to “Hosted PBX.” A smart call management system you should have deployed long back.

I regularly work with businesses who use it. They say they’ve realized how cloud telephony has become a necessity for their business work. They experience how every facet of business, be it sales, support, enquiry, HR, finance, or others, depends on calls.

Moving away from analogue exchanges to step into a digital world of lucrative assets is what I am trying to convey to you here.

If you wouldn’t mind faster on-call sales closes, better customer experience, and higher team productivity,

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Though, before actually debating who’s better than whom, it’s important to understand what precisely traditional PBX and hosted PBX stands for:

Traditional PBX

This system runs on a huge machine setup in the office premises which has multiple phones connected to it through wires.

This premise-based device is dependent on number of agents you employee and external lines you put to allow outbound calls. Every time a new connection is called for, it demands extra expense.

Cloud Telephony/Hosted PBX/Virtual PBX

This, on the brighter side, runs on a web application easily accessible on any device you own (desktop/laptop/tablet/or mobile).

Free from hardware chains, it leverages the elastic addition of new extensions along with an end-to-end call management and automation system.

This is not it! Call tracking & recording, team performance reporting, remarketing, customer database, and many more are features that strengthen a Virtual PBX system.

Curious? Keep reading…

Here’s why smart businesses deploy Hosted PBX over Traditional PBX system…

Traditional PBX v/s Hosted PBX

Traditional v/s Hosted PBX is just like the “old v/s new” story. The “new” offers you technological advancements and business benefits over the “old”.

And, this is what exactly MyOperator is about. It’s the new new.

Still sticking to old conventional communication methods over new smart ones? Time to rethink…

If your calls and customers matter to you.

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