Work remotely: Take all your business calls from home

Transfer all your business calls from landlines to mobiles, empower your team to productively work from home and help to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

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Take all your business calls at home WFH COVID-19
Keep your business up and running during Coronavirus lockdown WFH COVID-19

Business continuity during lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown worldwide has forced businesses to close the doors of their offices and operate from home. In such a scenario, it is indeed impossible to attend calls on landlines installed in office premises. Thankfully, there is a quick way around - cloud phone system.

With the cloud phone system, you can route all your business calls from landlines to mobile phones of your support executives, empowering them to work from home and keep your business up and running efficiently.

Ensure safety with social distancing

In the COVID-19 scenario, the priority for us all is to keep ourselves and the community safe from Coronavirus. While we are not health scientists, we all can help to slow down the pace of Corona spread by practicing social distancing and do all the possible work staying at home.

With the cloud phone system, you don’t need your employees to stick to their office desk to attend calls. All your employees can attend calls on their mobiles, from the comfort and safety of their home.

Keep your employees and the community safe with social distancing WFH COVID-19

Efficient remote working with the cloud phone system

Switch to cloud in minutes with smooth migration

One of the best things about the cloud phone system is that the landlines can be easily migrated to this cloud-based technology. The whole process can be completed in a few minutes. If your organization has been floating landline numbers for years, don’t worry. You can still move to the cloud phone system. All your incoming calls shall be adequately routed from landlines to the cloud phone and you will not miss a single call ever.

Switch to cloud in minutes with a smooth migration COVID-19

Zero hardware requirement

Unlike traditional business phones and landlines, the cloud phone system is a cloud-based technology and doesn’t need setup of any hardware. Due to its cloud-based dependency, the cloud phone system can be deployed instantly with low investment.

Zero hardware requirement WFH COVID-19

Bring mobility to your business with portability and scalability

Calls on cloud phone systems can be attended from your mobile, tablet, PC, or any other device. Your sales and customer support can work remotely and don’t need to be in the office to take calls from customers or prospects. Further, you can add as many agents as your company needs behind a single number, making it a highly scalable solution.

Bring mobility to your business with portability and scalability WFH COVID-19

Live call transfer facility

With the built-in intercom and live call transfer facility in the cloud phone system, you can easily transfer calls from one agent or department to another by dialing the desired extension. It helps improve overall customer experience by helping them get the resolution to their queries with a single call.

Live call transfer facility

Economically feasible

The Cloud phone system is a pay-as-you-go subscription-based service. There is no requirement for any capital expenditure or installation charges. All you need to do is pay a monthly subscription fee, which is very low in comparison to landlines and traditional phone systems.

Economically feasible WFH COVID-19

Remote supervision with the live panel and detailed call analytics

Cloud phone system comes prepackaged with a live panel which offers valuable features like real-time call tracking, call recording, and detailed call analytics that can be used to make well-informed business decisions. With live panel, you can remotely supervise your sales and support team by checking the number of calls received, attended, missed and how much daily time your executives are spending on calls. For performance check-ups, you can also hear call recordings securely stored in the cloud.

Remote supervision with the live panel and detailed call analytics WFH COVID-19

Built-in functionalities to supercharge remote working system

Call Tracking

Keep track of your business calls with real-time insights on incoming, attended, missed, and outgoing calls and ensure timely follow-up on the missed calls.

Call Recording

You can go through the call recordings for the performance review of your existing sales and support agents and the training of new personnel.

Live Panel

In MyOperator live panel, you can access features like live call transfer, call forwarding, click to call, and complete call logs from any device or location.

CRM Integration

For simplified business communication, MyOperator cloud phone system can be integrated with leading CRM softwares, including ZOHO and Freshdesk, in a few clicks.

Call Routing

Call routing enables you to transfer incoming calls to the right department and person based on factors like location, time, and agent availability.

Call Reports

Get detailed reports regarding calls and your team performance at the end of each day on your mobile and email to keep track of all your business communication.

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We are here to answer all your questions on how the cloud phone system can help you successfully implement work from home policy for your business. If you have some other questions, visit our support center.

Currently, I am using landlines. Can I shift to the cloud phone system?
Yes. You can route all your calls from landlines to mobile numbers of your agents with the cloud phone system. So, you can shift to the cloud phone system without any worry.
You can keep using the same number or get a new number from MyOperator. The number you choose to use can be utilized as a central virtual number and we can map all other numbers behind that.
No. Since all the landline calls will be transferred to the mobile phones of your agents; you will not miss any business calls.
With the MyOperator live panel, you can track all calls in real-time, including received calls, missed calls, and attended calls. You can also go through the call recordings available in the panel and also check how much time your agents are spending on calls. That makes remote performance review a straightforward task.
For any other queries regarding transferring calls from landlines and traditional phone systems to the cloud phone system, please call us at +91 92129 92129.