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Here is how you can create your work place 2.0

work place 2.0
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Your workplace is the make or break point in your career. It is the place where you spend most of your day. As a small business owner or business creator, you need to ensure a great ambiance for the employees and the customers alike.

Workplace 2.0 is the office of the future and you can ensure enhanced customer satisfaction by paying attention to some of the basics of a modern day office.

1. Keep your customers satisfied

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A workplace 2.0 always needs to offer customer-friendly solutions. Whenever your customers interact with you telephonically or pays a personal visit to the office, your prime objective should be to answer all the queries to the satisfaction of the customer. The ambiance of the place plays a great role in keeping the customer in good spirit. An example of Google can be cited in this reference which has designed individual cubicles for employees where they can interact with the customers with ease.

This not only builds the trust level of customers but also motivates them to try your services or products. Keeping the customer satisfied translates into business growth and by making your workplace 2.0 compatible, you take the first step in this regard.

2. Keep the employees in good spirit

Employees are the backbone of any organization and this holds true for a workplace 2.0. Leading organizations have designed their premises in such a manner that the employees feel at ease after a competitive day at work.

Employees who deal with customer calls on regular basis feel stressed as they are subject to a range of questions of the customers. If you are able to provide them with a comfortable work environment, the prospects for the business establishment are all set to improve. The example of ICICI Bank Headquarters in Mumbai and SAP Labs office in Bangalore can be cited in this context. The work place has been made comfortable for the employees and considering the stress levels under which these employees work, any such move is always welcomed by the employees.

Coffee breaks and stress relieving sessions are a part of modern offices and by making your employees comfortable, you ensure better business generation for the organization.

3. Smooth internal communications.

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Communication 2.0 is about the comfort that you should create to increase your employee-customer interaction efficiency. If the conversations are being done over the phone, then having a proper call management system, including features such as a toll-free number, IVR service, call center software, and cloud call center solution, are crucial. This not only helps to build and maintain affairs but also elevates the relationships with customers, clients, and employees, thereby cultivating a long-term association.

4. Innovative growth in sync with reality

Workplace 2.0 is a guarantee that your business will grow by leap and bounds. Surendra Hiranandani, co-founder of Hiranandani Group points out that as “people are getting used to plush homes” their expectations from workplace will only get more demanding. Take cue from this quote and make your workplace 2.0 compatible.

This will not only lead to better customer interaction but will also ensure employee satisfaction. Better business growth is a natural consequence of this transformation.  Customers will feel attached and employees will work to their optimum.

Numerous small and mid scale business establishments exist throughout the country and keeping in sync with the latest innovations in technology, the need of the hour is to shift to a smarter workplace.

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