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How To Get Maximum Five Star Reviews From Your Customers

How To Get Maximum Five Star Reviews From Your Customers
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Whether you offer the best product or impeccable customer service, it will all be futile if you do not get positive feedback which will eventually help you land more customers. Many businesses today are simply asking for feedback and getting a good response as well from customers. But getting a 5-star review is indeed still a task. So here are a few tips that would make this task way easier for your business but before that let’s find out why is it important to get a customer review in the first place.

Importance of customer reviews 

One reason why customer reviews are important is that they help with making your SEO better. Other than that it is a basic and unsaid rule for every business to get customer reviews. 

  • Having reviews and feedback on your website and the websites where you have listed your company allows you to claim more SERP space for the keywords being searched. You can then check keyword density and identify any gaps or missing steps in your strategy.
  • Above all, getting feedback is essential for your business since it massively affects the purchasing decision of your imminent customer base. As shoppers and prospects depend more upon their personal research, they depend more on the feelings and encounters that your previous customers have had with you.
  • In conclusion, having positive feedback on your product and services on the internet increases your business credibility and builds a customer’s faith in your brand. 

Engage with customers 

E-commerce businesses have some undeniable methods of requesting feedback. They send follow-up emails that have feedback surveys attached to them. They follow up even after 15 days or a month for review. This gives a customer sufficient time to try the product or service and they will be happy to give their feedback. 

Amazon is one of the e-commerce giants that use this tactic to get customer reviews. Instead of bombarding the customer with surveys, they ask for a review when the customer got an opportunity to at least try the product. 

For SaaS businesses, after-sales service is important especially when it comes to integrating tools like the WhatsApp API. since it is one of the ways to get customer feedback. Every time a customer poses a question or query and you provide them with the solution, you can ask for their review about the same. This process will make the customer feel that their opinion matters and they will be happy to review your product and services. This is also the ideal way as it helps you in getting authentic reviews, unlike many brands who are buying them these days.  

For B2B products and services, a more personal touch is needed. It is also generally expected that your customer support group makes sure to take feedback and reviews from your customers. 

Just ask for it and make things easier 

If you have a good bond with your clients then make it a point that you reach out to them individually and simply ‘just ask’ them to give you feedback or fill a required survey if any. It helps in saving both your as well as your customer’s time. Avoid small talks get straight to the point. If you have provided satisfactory service to your client then they will be happy to give you a 5-star review. 

Zomato is one brand that simply just asks for a review, as soon as the service is provided they ask you for your feedback and I am certain most of the time you entertain them, as you want the services you get to be better every time. 

That is exactly what you need to do. You just have to tell your customers that you are taking reviews for their own benefit and you will improve your services for them. They would be glad to give you a 5-star rating just for your effort itself. 

Customers like things when they are easy. You will also need the right technology to get customer feedback. Outbound calling solution is one such technology. You can simply start a campaign and then get customer feedback through it. Later on, you can collect the survey result and showcase them on your websites. You can also send direct links to your customers through emails where they can give their reviews. It would be better if you will ask for one-word or one-click reviews instead of detailed ones. 

Provide the best experience in the market 

When a customer buys a product from you which was affordable as well as better than those available in the market, they tend to feel obliged to give a review to you. For instance, when you will solve a problem for your customer and then ask for feedback the customer will surely give it to you. Why? Because firstly, you solved their problem without much hassle. Secondly, they will be a little vulnerable and will feel it as their responsibility to give you a review since you solved their problem. Lastly. Because you are giving them a good product topped with excellent customer service. 

So focus on improving your services and you will get the results yourself.

Make it easy for your customers to contact you

Your availability to your customers has a huge role to play when it comes to getting feedback from them. A customer would be willing to give them their review if you are available to them whenever they need you. Go through these customer service statistics to know what your customers expect out of you in 2022. 

Your customers can face an issue with your product or service at any time during the day. So they would expect you to be there whenever they need you. But how to be available to your customers 24*7? Well for that you need cloud call center solution that have features like an IVR system, toll-free number, and everything that you need to ensure your availability to your customers. 

Appreciate them 

Last but not least, you need to appreciate your customers. Your business is afloat because of your loyal customer base. Appreciating them is one way to thank them for choosing your business over other alternatives. Appreciating your customers not only makes them feel good, but it also helps in getting you 5-star reviews and establishing your brand image as a caring brand. 

In this hectic lifestyle where the market is so active, it is not possible to appreciate your customers at all times. But doing it once a while is not only important but also a necessity for your business. 

When you appreciate your customer they feel valued which tells them that they matter to you. In one such scenario, they wouldn’t mind giving a 5-star review for your services. You can simply send them a thank you note followed by a feedback survey. Just make sure it’s not too obvious! 

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