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MyOperator Branded As ‘Champions’ in Cloud Telephony By SoftwareSuggest

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MyOperator has been recognised as a champion in India’s cloud telephony leadership matrix. Founded in 2013, MyOperator is India’s most trusted cloud telephony platform enabling seamless communication for thousands of businesses including Razorpay, Lenskart, Apollo, Wow! Momo, Caratlane, NCERT and more.

We have more to that – In 2021, MyOperator’s customer-first services have also been honoured by SoftwareSuggest, with wins for ‘Best Software,’ ‘Best Support,’ ‘Best Value,’ and ‘Best Results Software’.

“MyOperator has been committed to their customers, and the team goes above and beyond to make it happen. As a result, SoftwareSuggest’s experts’ panel is pleased to award MyOperator with the High Performer of Summer 2022.” SoftwareSuggest stated.

Notably, MyOperator has 1000+users, showing the deep customer trust that we enjoy as India’s cloud communication leader.

About MyOperator

MyOperator is the India’s cloud communications leader trusted by brands including Razorpay, Apollo, NCERT, Myntra, Lenskart and more.

MyOperator offers advanced call management capabilities such as toll-free numbers / virtual phone numbers, IVR Calling system, call tracking and reporting, inbound and outbound calling, and MyOperator Dialer

Apart from these, MyOperator offers solutions such as call masking, call confirmation, multi-store, and others for businesses looking to improve their customer relations. You can save a lot on your business call costs by establishing a working cloud telephony account in just 30 seconds with MyOperator.

With over 100 unicorns worth $332.7 billion, India is the world’s third-largest unicorn population. Furthermore, nearly 141 million Indians operate in the service sector, as per Statista. In addition, India’s BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry is the fastest-growing ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) market segment.

Each of these figures suggests that cloud telephony systems like MyOperator surely have a promising future in India.

What makes SoftwareSuggest’s experts’ say, “MyOperator has been committed to their customers”?

MyOperator leverages cloud telephony to offer virtual and toll-free numbers to SMEs. Its cutting-edge technology, which includes call management functionality such as call monitoring, call recording, live call transfer, callers’ database, and virtual receptionist, allows you to set up a cloud telephony account within a matter of seconds.

How does MyOperator stand out from the rest of the players?

SoftwareSuggest has considered thousands of nominations from all sectors and sizes around the world. Out of which, MyOperator is acknowledged as one of the most user-friendly cloud call management platforms for SMEs with just basic technical expertise.

Factors that enable MyOperator secure 1 rank in Top Cloud Telephony Leaders Matrix by SoftwareSuggest:

  • Easiest set-up available in real-time.
  • Enhanced data dependability and security
  • It is affordable
  • Comprises various unique features such as voicemail facility, sticky agent, SSL security, API integration and much more
  • Offers unified communication
  • 24*7 customer support and accessibility
  • Better call quality
  • Scalable on demand

Some of the most popular MyOperator products include:

Office IVR Solution

The MyOperator Office IVR is a software designed for organizations who wish to automate their client interactions. It includes simple call-related functions as well as a virtual number. With an IVR number, you can provide your customers with a better calling experience. Your callers will be greeted with a personalized voice message and linked with the appropriate department automatically.

  • Various agents and departments can be added under a single virtual phone number.
  • Get your personalized voice message to greet your callers.
  • Callers can simply connect with their relevant department/agent via the IVR menu.
  • Customer discussions are digitally recorded and saved in the cloud for future reference.
  • You can check the amount of missed, answered, and outgoing calls by agents and departments.

Cloud Call Center Solution

MyOperator call center solution is an advanced online call management system built with cloud telephony technologies. You may build up a remote network to assist executives, monitor calls from customers and potential customers, and easily manage inbound and outbound business conversations with cloud call center services

  • You can also add support agents to the call center from any place using cloud-based remote call center software. Once you join the call center, your support executives will be able to control incoming business calls directly from their phones while working remotely at any given time. 
  • Eliminates the need to manually dial prospect cell phone numbers as you can place outbound calls with just one click
  • For a much effective workflow, you can integrate CRM services or custom software with the MyOperator call center.
  • You can use live call transfer to move the line from one agent or unit to another without interrupting the phone call.
  • Covers your clients’ and support agents’ personal phone numbers from each other to maintain their privacy.
  • With smart call queues, call center systems help you minimize call abandonment by swiftly connecting clients with available agents.
  • The live dashboard displays real-time call center activity in one location, including agent productivity, call records and call metrics.
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