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How MyOperator helped Lenskart manage their business operations

How MyOperator helped Lenskart manage their business operations
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With growing internet penetration, e-commerce sector is flourishing in our country and capturing more and more market share with each passing day.

Founded in 2010, Lenskart is one of the leading e-commerce companies in India. It is an online shopping portal for eyewear which is the first of its kind that came into existence. It delivers its services in more than 450 cities across India.In 2013, it introduced its home eye check up program which is currently offered in more than 11 major cities in the country. Lenskart provides the best customer experience through schemes such as ‘free first frame’ and ‘try at home’. The company also follows a no questions return policy. With such schemes and policies, Lenskart has won the hearts of millions of people across India. The company growth continues to compound every year.

The secret to Lenskart’s high growth is the way in which it handles its business operations. Since, most of its business is online, phone calls are a very important point of contact between the customer and the company. So, it becomes very important for them to manage their phone calls in an efficient way.

Here is how MyOperator solved some of the lenskart’s problems:


Lenskart wanted to sell its franchise. They wanted a database of customers who were interested in their buying their franchise so that they could connect with them.


Virtual number: MyOperator has provided Lenskart with a virtual number for franchise collection. They have displayed that number on their website. The people who visit their website give them a call if interested. With the help of the virtual number, the calls were tracked and they got a database of people who were interested in buying their franchise.

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Most of the Lenskart’s customers are old people suffering from eyesight problems. They find it difficult to fill the contact form on their website to register for a home eye check up appointment. Due to this, Lenskart was losing a lot of customers.


Toll free number: MyOperator has provided Lenskart with a toll free number which they have displayed on their website. They have also advertised that number on various platforms. The people who visit their website give them a call if interested. After two rings, the call automatically gets disconnected. The caller’s data gets registered in their panel. Later, the company calls them back through the extension dialing feature. During the conversation if the caller seems interested, the executive fills up the contact form on his behalf. Once the contact form is filled, an order number is generated and sent to the prospect’s mobile phone. The last 4 digits of the order number is the extension. This is unique to every customer. After the order number is generated, the extension is added to the ‘Add User’ API. Once the appointment for the home eye check up is booked, that extension is deleted from the ‘Delete User’ API. Also, when the agent contacts the customer, his number is masked. This ensures that his phone number remains secure.


Lenskart’s field sales’ agents on were not handling the leads properly due to which they were losing out on a lot of potential customers. These agents were not following up properly with the customers after order number was generated. They wanted a solution to track its team’s accountability.


MyOperator’s virtual number helped Lenskart track its team’s performance on calls. Since all the calls were tracked, the supervisors got to know how each lead was being handled by the agents.

This is how Lenskart manages some its business operations due to which it is able to achieve high growth rate. Are you managing yours?

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How MyOperator is helping Lenskart to manage their business calls

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