About V-Trans

V-Trans is a leading provider of logistics and cargo management services. Through its 600+ branches, V-Trans provides its services to and from every region of India. They have a solid reputation for offering consumers end-to-end logistics solutions and other value-added services.

Problem Statement

Before MyOperator, V-Trans used a traditional Toll Free number with an EPABX attached to run their business. This system had been in place for a while, but it had a few drawbacks that compelled V-Trans to choose a call management that would enable them to capture important client data.

V-Trans faced the following challenges

  • There was only one line available, thus numerous callers could not be answered at once.
  • Customer calls had to wait in queue for their turn.
  • The recording facility was unavailable due to which the call data could not be captured.
  • Due to the lack of auditing and call verification, quality checks could not be executed.

The Solution

V-Trans reached out to MyOperator to help them overcome their challenges. MyOperator helped them have a complete communication management system that included a virtual phone number along with an IVR which empowered them to overcome their challenges. V-Trans has noticed a tremendous improvement in their on-call client interactions after the implementation of Operator cloud telephony solution.

MyOperator’s Call Management solution helped V-Trans achieve significant improvements:

  1. The automatic call recording feature served as a tool for auditing and verifying data.
  2. Real-time follow-up reminders also made it easier for them to return missed consumer calls.
  3. V-Trans was able to track and measure their real call volume.

The Results

With MyOperator’s Call Management Solution, V-Trans was able to achieve:

  • A 65% higher retention in saving missed calls from customers.
  • A decrease in their customer churn rate due to an upgraded mode of customer communication.
  • A 3X increase in on-call deal closures

Customer speaks

MyOperator has helped us understand the call volume and track maximum callers enhancing our customer support services. The call log and recording systems are helping us in monitoring the quality and efficiency.


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