About Prime IVF Centre

The Prime IVF Centre is a highly trusted speciality fertility clinic based in Delhi and Gurgaon. Prime IVF offers top-notch infertility treatment at affordable prices while upholding stringent ethical standards. Offering the best medical care while preserving the highest moral standards is the objective of Prime IVF Centre.

Problem Statement

Prime IVF center had to deal with a lot of patients on a daily basis and they found it super critical to reach all the patients on time. This is when they have reached out to MyOperator to streamline their calling process. One of the problems that the clinic faced is the call pickup rates. Patients do not identify the clinic's phone number and therefore follow up calls went unanswered several times. It became a challenge for Prime IVF: to build trust and loyalty in their customer communication.

The Solution

Prime IVF center has reached out to MyOperator to help them streamline their calling process. MyOperator worked with Prime IVF center to deploy outgoing call management with Truecaller’s Verified Call ID integration. MyOperator integrates with Truecaller for Business to offer a trusted call management platform layered with identity and branding solutions.

Key Results

MyOperator outgoing integration with Truecaller’s Verified Call ID has helped Prime IVF achieve:

  1. The calls made through Truecaller’s Verified Call ID are picked up by patients/ families on the first go. This helps Prime IVF increase speed/ efficacy in answering patient queries which is a major prerequisite in the healthcare industry.
  2. This integration has also given Prime IVF control of their branding and customer relations while managing outbound patient communication.
  3. The call tracking and call recording feature empowered Prime IVF to audit their on-call conversations efficiently and implement timely improvements in their team performance.
  4. With proper reporting of calls, Prime IVF even assured timely follow-ups on the missed ones.

Customer speaks

At Prime IVF center, we are dedicated to assisting couples struggling to conceive by using the most modern and reliable IVF technologies. We believe in providing the latest treatment with the highest ethical commitment and complete transparency by a compassionate staff. As a part of our business operations, we are required to connect with our customers regarding the queries that they raise on our online platforms and to check their details & confirm their appointments. It becomes super critical for us that we reach all the customers quickly. This is where MyOperator Outgoing Truecaller’s Verified Call ID integration has helped us. It allows us to display our branding while we make an outbound call to our customers. It creates a sense of urgency amongst customers to answer our phone calls on the first go. This helps us to speed up the process of answering their queries which is a prerequisite in the healthcare industry. It also gives us control of the branding and customer relations when we make an outbound call to our customers. This service is adding value and we see a long-term association with MyOperator services.

- Rampal Singh Tomar, CEO, Prime IVF Centre

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