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Atomberg technologies stepped in the industry in 2015 with its revolutionary product, the Gorilla ceiling fans. Over the last few years, they have introduced a wide range of fans and today the company has emerged to be one of the most successful ones in the industry. Headquartered in Mumbai, Atomberg sells its products all over India through online and offline modes.

Their challenges

Manufacturing sector caters to large number of goods across a wide region hence the volume of customers experienced by such an industry is high. Therefore, a call management system becomes an important aspect.Before switching to MyOperator, Atomberg technologies were using a traditional PBX system as their mode of customer communication. Owing to their large scale marketing, they witness a high number of customer calls to place orders. Their fixed landline phone system made it difficult for their agents to attend all the calls.

Besides this, they had no data of their received, attended or missed calls. They were unable to monitor their agents’ performance on calls due to the absence of their call reports or recording. No follow-up call could be ensured without the data of missed calls. As a result, they were facing a substantial number of missed calls and on-call orders as well.

Call management system Smart bite challenges
Call management system Smart bite success

Their success

As a solution to the above-mentioned challenges, MyOperator provided Atomberg technologies with a full-fledged setup comprising:

  • A centralized virtual number for their multiple departments/branches
  • An IVR to route their calls to the agents’ phone numbers and eliminate the dependency on landline systems.
  • Real-time updated report of their customer calls to ensure their agent monitoring and timely follow-up on missed calls.


With the provided solution, Atomberg met more than just the goals and witnessed a 67% increase in their customer calls.

With MyOperator’s dashboard, we are able to monitor and track calls’ ratio and agent performance on single click. With report feature, we are able to plan manpower as per call flow timings. Really I wish to recommend this setup to all those who are still running calling profile with traditional setup.

Atomberg technologies

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