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Our customer

Kebab Xpress is a popular food chain among North-Indian cuisine lovers. They run 13 outlets in New Delhi & NCR and are witnessing expansion at a constant rate. They wanted to sustain through their rapidly growing demand, while ensuring they keep up with customer expectations.

Their challenges

Owing to the inflating call volume, they were ending up losing customer calls almost every day. For the attended calls, they were juggling up between order details as to which order belonged to whom. No track of customer calls and no means to engage them back were making them register higher churns than expected.

Manual call forwarding to the respective outlet of each caller was another challenging task. Consequently, sustainability of orders placed over calls and customer satisfaction became their prime challenge.

Call management system kebab xpress challenges
Call management system kebab xpress success

Their success

Kebab Xpress’ MyOperator setup comprised of a virtual number along with an IVR for all their outlets. Call automation service to process call forwarding to multiple outlets. Also provided was caller’s automated database to decipher their standard call volume.

The goals were to save missed orders so they could tackle business loss. They met more than just the goals:

  • Kebab Xpress witnessed 90% decline in their churn rate.
  • Kebab Xpress drove 50% uplift in their on-call order retention.
  • Kebab Xpress is now able to call back on missed calls within 2-3 minutes.

MyOperator helps us survive an increasing call volume within all our outlets. Their call tracking & call automation tech has made real-time follow ups extremely easy, which used to be a prime challenge for us. The order retention rate we are witnessing is higher than our expectations

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