About Kebab Xpress

For those who enjoy North Indian cuisine, Kebab Xpress is a well-liked chain of eateries. They have 13 locations in New Delhi and the NCR where they run their business.

Problem Statement:

While meeting the demands of their rapidly expanding customer base, Kebab Express found that they lacked a reliable call management system to deal with increasing orders.

Below are the challenges faced by Kebab Xpress:

  • They were ultimately losing customer calls as a result of the increasing call volume.
  • Difficulty in call tracking so they had difficulty mapping calls to orders
  • They were recording higher than anticipated churn rates because they couldn't keep track of customer calls or communicate with them again.
  • Manually directing calls to each caller's appropriate outlet was a challenging task.
  • Managing call-in orders and upholding customer satisfaction consequently became their primary challenges.

The Solution:

MyOperator worked with Kebab Xpress to provide the right call management solution for their challenges. The MyOperator setup for Kebab Xpress included an IVR and a virtual number for each of their locations. A call automation service handles call forwarding to various outlets. Using their automated database, it was also possible to determine the caller's typical call frequency and brand loyalty.

Key Results

Kebab Express' goal was to minimise revenue loss and recoup missed orders. They succeeded beyond just achieving the goals:

  1. Kebab Xpress experienced a 90% reduction in churn.
  2. Kebab Xpress saw a 50% increase in on-call order retention.
  3. Kebab Xpress is now able to call back on missed calls within 2-3 minutes.

Customer Speaks:

MyOperator has helped us manage increasing call volumes across all our outlets. Their call tracking & call automation tech has made real-time follow-ups extremely easy, which used to be a tough challenge for us. The order retention rate we are witnessing is higher than our expectations.

- Kebab Xpress

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