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What matters in Social Media

Social Media
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I launched my website, created my twitter and facebook account, invited some friends and initial customers (who helped test my product and bring it in shape) to join, started posting blogs and lo-and-behold… I am a company, straight into competition with 6-8 year old competitors!

[pullquote align=”right”]There I say to myself, ‘Welcome to reality!’[/pullquote]

Really, that’s what it takes. The fact that my Tech team or Marketing team is still learning, does not discount me to present a shoddy performance. At best, it will take my product down. That is what Social Media does. That is why, I say, age and experience does not matter.

What’s more? When I talk to the industry stalwarts, they appreciate and criticize my product to make it better and set the expectations right. But when I talk to Investors (yes, we too like most start-ups need funding), they question, ‘So? You don’t have mentors? Who tells you what not to do?? Too risky!’
There I say to myself, ‘Welcome to reality!’

[pullquote align=”left”]If you know and if you can show, you are heard![/pullquote]

While I criticize the gap, based on customary parameters like age, bridged by Social Media, in the same breathe, I say ‘Thank God!!’.

When I see what counts, it humbles me.

  • If you know and if you can show, you are heard!
  • I get the ‘what to do’ answered, I just need to find out ‘How’ for my business.
  • I can access the vast knowledge and experience shared beyond the lines of enterprises.

This paves way for me to test rigorously, every element of marketing I can imagine. And the best deal is, I can come back. I can re-vamp my entire product and present my case again.

So, social media helps me re-build and re-establish.

Does that mean it does not matter what I previously did? Well, maybe, maybe not. But this kind of an opportunity, to come back and create a buzz, take that buzz to create an identity, and establish oneself across the world, is now at everyone’s disposal.
With the established companies paying attention to social media marketing and realizing its potential, fledging start-up markets know that innovation will be respected. Also, the trap of years-of-experience to get a job, does not stand against the talent. That idea to me, is sacred!

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