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Simplification is the key to reach out to your customers: 3 ways to achieve it

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“Almost all quality improvements come via simplification of design, manufacturing…layout, processes and procedures.”

When things are less complicated , you face less trouble and it is easier to take decisions.

When you tend to pitch-in a lot of effort in understanding something which is not understandable, you just leave it at the end of the day!

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An example of simplification is Cloud Telephony, a technological advancement that has significantly impacted Indian businesses, particularly in the realm of e-commerce. Companies like Snapdeal, Lenskart, and others have embraced call center software in their business phone systems, making it a favored solution. This innovation has effectively addressed the challenges associated with maintaining traditional PBX hardware.

With cloud telephony tool like cloud call center solution, businesses can seamlessly manage all their calls over the phone, resembling the ease of browsing the internet. This technology has eradicated the need for physical infrastructure, offering the flexibility to attend calls from any location at any time.

Presently, there are multiple well-known cloud telephony providers in India. This is because cloud telephony has added value to the organizations by reducing set up cost and scaling business.

This compels me to ask you, how can you achieve “Simplification”? You don’t want your customers to leave your organization, do you?

Entrepreneurs often don’t realize that they can make things easier, which in turn convinces the customers to stay forever.

As a business owner, you need to understand that customers are unaware of what you intend to say or what you have to offer. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep your business communication easy.  

Here’s what you can do to simplify :

Use less-complicated language:

The usage of less-complicated language will simply mean an effective use of language. This means your language should be concrete enough and structured in a way, which is able to hit the minds of the customers. Make sure that the language you use is familiar to the people you are targeting.

Suppose, you plan to share company flyers in China regarding your product in English. Here’s when the problem arises: Most people in China would not know how to read English and suffer from a language identity crisis. As a result, the actual meaning of the message is lost. The language is effective only when the audience familiarizes with the language being used. Therefore, whenever you are addressing your audience or customers, use a language which they can understand, so that the message you are trying to spread is effectively conveyed.

Use less statements to convey your message:

Do you like listening to long speeches?

Using too many statements complexes the idea or context of your message. When you use too many words to explain, you go off the track and the listeners tend to forget what you had said earlier. Reaching out to your audience would be simple if you convey your messages in the most concise way possible using simple words.

Read the newspaper advertisements. Do they grab your attention? This is because they use words which you are familiar with and consume less time in understanding the meaning. Therefore, use “punch-lines” or “one-liners” to say what you have to.

Lessen those conversations

It is important to talk to people and know what their sentiments are. This helps you come up with better ideas and execute it accordingly. Customers want results, not lectures. They want your promises to result into action. Thus, when you start working on what you say, it simplifies the hassle for your customers.

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Assume, a customer bought a washing machine with a belief that his product shall be replaced in case he encounters a problem. After a month, he discovers that the machine doesn’t have an automatic dryer. He goes back to the shop expecting a product replacement (as promised). But the situation goes for a toss! The agent refuses to exchange the product because apparently it wasn’t damaged. The customer gets disappointed and decides never to come back. Is this is how you are communicating to your customers – sharing wrong information?

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Simplicity breakthroughs all the complexities and the same strategy can be utilized in business communication strategies. This will help you grow as a business owner and effectively manage and retain your customers.

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