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“It’s been a long time since our operations department started looking for the best cloud service telephony provider that could fit our checklist but we haven’t been able to come up with a feasible option yet. It’s high time we got rid of our old PBX system, and moved our phone system on cloud. It’s hell of a task to maintain the old one.

Making crucial business decisions always require enormous time and efforts but this time we’re really stuck. Hope you’d help us find a cloud telephony provider that meets all our business needs.

Here are the features we are looking for in our cloud telephony software:

  • Ensures Data security
  • Financially viable
  • Efficiently handles high call volume
  • Remains unaffected during natural calamities
  • Allows multiple users to operate simultaneously
  • Zero downtime
  • 24*7 support from the provider

So, are you aware of any cloud telephony service provider that fits all the above mentioned criteria?”, Mr. Paul asked.

Being a cloud telephony specialist, I smiled to myself and said “Consider it done, Paul. I’ve got a solution for you.”

“What? Really?” he asked astonishingly.

“Yes. But before revealing the name of cloud telephony service provider, I’d like you to know its features and uniqueness.”

Characteristics that make it the best cloud telephony provider

Ofcourse you have researched a bit on your own, and you know what everybody offers. So, let’s see what’s exclusive to this cloud telephony provider.

You’ll be heard round the clock.

If you work 24*7 for your customers, this cloud telephony provider will remain available 24*7 to support you, and resolve your queries. You will never be left alone when stuck in a problem. Be it a technical glitch, or just an information about functioning of the product, you can put forward your query anytime, even if it’s post midnight.

Your account manager is your friend in need.

Each customer deserves special attention, and this company understands it pretty well. This cloud telephony provider assigns you a personal dedicated account manager to resolve all queries related to your cloud-based call management system.

Account managers remember every single detail of your business phone system, previous tickets raised, and resolutions provided. So, if you need any help, just contact your account manager, communicate the issue, and then relax. All your problems will be sorted out.

Your data is in safe hands

Customer privacy is the utmost concern of this cloud telephony provider. It values your privacy like just like its own. It has unbreakable safety barriers and stores your data in encrypted form. It enables secure exchange of data from server to web and mobile browsers while eliminating all thefts, and unauthorised access threats to your business data and privacy. It says, “Your data, our responsibility.”

No fear of losing your money

What’s the biggest fear while buying a cloud software? You bought it, paid the annual premium, and then the system goes haywire. You complain, you shout. But nothing is gonna work now. You have lost the money.

Now, you don’t need to worry about this any more. The cloud telephony provider I’m talking about believes in customer satisfaction and makes both ends meet to fulfill customers’ needs. Also, it has a 30-day refund policy in place. So, if the system doesn’t meet your expectations, your total money gets refunded.

Moreover, even before you pay, you get a 3-day free trial to know and understand the product features.

Your system survives even if your internet dies.

It is one the best features of this cloud telephony provider. Although the whole cloud telephony system is accessible by you through internet, that doesn’t mean that a fault in your internet connection shall stop the system.

Even in the absence of internet, all features of this cloud telephony software works completely fine, and you can access all your data once it gets synced to your system.

High call volume never leads to network jam

This cloud telephony provider gives you 99.9% uptime and load balancing, and thus prevents your business from facing a setback at peak times. Your high call volume and never ending customer queries are taken care of with ease.

Even at the time of any natural calamity, its unique load balancing feature backed by 9 data centres across 6 geographies helps your business sustain, and ensures undisrupted functioning of your phone system.

Paul, you seem to be completely lost in the conversation, what’s on your mind now? I see a lot of questions on your face.

“I’m glad that I can play safe with the product. I just want to know the product features, now, before I put in the money.”, Paul replied.

Sure Paul. I was just about to come to this.

Cloud telephony features that’ll make you outsmart your competitors

You get a full fledged call management system that comprises IVR service and virtual number. But instead of beating around the bush and talking about the same features what other cloud telephony companies are providing, let’s know what makes it a must have for your business.

Transfer live calls without disconnecting them

At times, businesses face this situation that multiple agents are required to resolve queries of a single customer. For this, either all the required agents should be in the office premises or customer’s call has to be disconnected in order to connect him/her to another agent.

‘Live Call Transfer’ feature, unique to this cloud telephony provider, helps an agent transfer ongoing calls to another agents’ mobile phone without disconnecting the call. Since, the call is transferred directly on other agents’ mobile phone, the need of being in the office premises is eliminated. An agent handling calls from any location can transfer calls to another agent sitting miles away.

Mobile app is the window to agents’ performance

Not just the web application, this cloud telephony provider also has its own mobile app, where you get detailed report of your business calls. It provides you a window to monitor your business calls right from the mobile app.

The mobile app gives you a performance report of individual team members, that is, the number of calls they receive, make or miss. It comes with an added benefit that lets you set reminders for your missed calls and follow up calls. It also enables you to save customized notes for each customer interaction done over the call.

One account, multiple administrators

Being an entrepreneur with a hectic schedule, obviously, it would be tedious for you to monitor all your business calls on a daily basis. Also, a single person won’t be able to efficiently monitor business calls of different departments. So, to resolve this problem, this cloud telephony provider enables you to assign multiple administrators for your single cloud telephony account. All of them gets access to the call recordings and reports of their respective team members, and hence simplifies the call monitoring process.

Reach out to your callers via Facebook ads and SMS

Let’s say, a prospect called on your business phone number but didn’t convert. So, how do you plan to reach out to them again? Maybe, through telemarketing. But, the resources and time involved in this is huge. This cloud telephony provider gives you remarketing feature as a much better and affordable way to reach back to your callers.

Remarketing feature allows you to show your ads to your callers on facebook, and remarket your products via SMS marketing. Time spent for running these campaigns is minimal, and profits earned from upselling to the existing customers and converting the lost prospects are huge.

Analytical reports tell you the status of your business calls

Analytical reports, powered by our call center software, offer you a comprehensive view of your business call management. These reports provide valuable insights into your callers’ demographics, geographical locations, peak call hours, and more. With a toll-free number, your customers can reach you easily, enhancing their overall experience.

Besides these key features, this cloud telephony system also supports call tracking, call recording, real time notifications, call masking, push reports, live dashboard, multi-level IVR, call forwarding, cloud call center solution and the list goes on.

Paul, what do you think about the product now? Is it good to go for your business?

“I’m totally amazed and surprised how we missed such a fantastic cloud telephony product. How do I buy it? And… Oh! Wait, now that I’m ready to buy it, hope you could disclose its name.”, Paul replied with a huge sigh of relief.

Yeah. Why not! It’s MyOperator, the leading cloud telephony service provider from India.

You can subscribe for it easily by signing up on its website.

And it can be set up in less than 30 seconds.

Get started with cloud telephony

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