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Make voicemails work to your advantage

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While businesses strive for betterment everyday, customers too raise expectations. This blog will focus on how voicemails can work to your advantage.

The issue is, if you don’t have a voicemail, important messages aren’t left, and callers feel frustrated and unsure of what to do next. Even if you have a voicemail installed in your company system, there might be a limited voicemail storage. So having a voice mailbox which is full can be embarrassing and unprofessional.

With IVRs, your callers never have to hear that recording. Being a call management on cloud, it means, unlimited storage!

  • Before hosted PBX, there would be separate phone systems, each with its own voicemail. To check the messages, would mean searching through each system separately. MyOperator  lets you centralize all the voice messages in one place. Using the IVR, your calls can be routed to any phone you choose, and if you don’t answer at any number, callers are sent to your personal voicemail. The callers hear your custom greeting, and then can leave a message in your personal, centralized mailbox. You don’t have to search through multiple systems, you just look in one place, accessible online.
  • The voicemail on MyOperator makes it easy for callers to reach the people and services they want – and easy for your people to pick up messages. Your employees can attend to those voice messages or even update their recorded greetings from any place, online.

When a system is discussed, every feature takes care of one end, carefully mending it and strethening it to improve the overall experience. Voicemail is one such feature. Add it to each of these factors and see the magic!

  • No matter where your team members are located, your customers can reach them on their mobile phones with our cloud IVR. This unique technology ensures interactions are executed in a consistent manner, streamlining and improving each customer’s experience.
  • Now you can proudly say ……Never miss another call. Let customers contact you whether your office is open or closed, at whatever time of day or night that suits them. It doesn’t matter if you are not there, or if you are tied up – your personal mailbox is there 24/7.
  • Some cloud telephony interfaces like inbound call manager, MyOperator, you can create and manage for yourself. Some like CODAC for managing outbound calls,  can interact with your CRM system. In all cases, IVR solutions  delivered are  as powerful, as flexible and as professional as you could possibly need.
  • A well-designed interactive voice response system can give customers the quickest answers to their questions and route them where they want to go, whether they’re calling about a store’s hours of operations, an upcoming trip, a billing issue or technical support. And the perfect IVR doesn’t have to bust your budget.
  • Complicated updates aren’t required – Myoperator’s powerful design tools  are designed so users can make their own updates. Your customers will benefit, because you’ll be able to quickly update your IVR when needed.
  • And hey that’s not all …Running a small business in a remote corner could be a pain in you know where?? If you have to consider labour costs in particular that bog SMEs down . The added benefits of IVRs Automated Attendants act like a virtual receptionist. Our cutting-edge Telephony Systems can be used for further enhancement of the professional look.
  • IVR’s work 24 hours a day; 7 days a week while incurring zero labor-costs. With IVR and Telephony Services, your Return on Investment is clear and tangible. Most of the existing Advanced IVR Solutions allow for highly configurably lucrative call-flow suited to your specific business goals.

Voicemails makes your availability more meaningful for the caller. You just don’t have his number in your database, but also his voice message. MyOperator is an effort to ensure you have all it takes to revert to every customer call. Did you start your voicemail on MyOperator yet?

This article is contributed by Aakaanksha Singh. She is a professional Blogger, columnist and an author.

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