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The pandemic COVID-19 is bouncing back and hitting even harder. If we look around every other person is affected and going through an ordeal. The situation is getting worrisome every minute. Some people are unable to find verified contacts for the right medical equipment while others are unable to find medications. In this time of scarcity and struggle, people are unaware of whom to contact for help.

People are running from here and there and making countless calls just to find a verified lead to save their family and friends. What’s worse is that even in such misery we have many who are trying to take the advantage of the one in need. This situation can however be handled a little more graciously if those who are in need have the right NGO helpline to call upon and if there is a proper call management system with NGO’s who are offering help for COVID relief.

The interactive voice response system has shown how helpful and handy it is for handling a large volume of calls for businesses and cloud call center. In the same way, IVR has been proving itself useful during the pandemic too. Given below are few ways how IVR system has proved to be helpful during the crisis: 

NGO helplines are available 24*7 

IVR has made things easier for both NGOs who are helping people for covid relief as well as patients. Now call management has become easier for NGOs and they can respond to all the callers and help them to the maximum extent possible. While on the other hand, those who require help are not frustrated by finding the phone lines busy in case of emergencies.

This smooth call management has helped in saving many lives as NGOs can now handle the large call volumes. IVR NGO  helpline has made it possible for all to seek help at the earliest. The smart features of the NGO helpline such as multi-level IVR, call recording, call routing, and many more have enabled the NGOs to those in need at the earliest and the callers to reach out anytime from anywhere. 

No call goes unanswered

In these tough times when COVOOD-19 is spreading readily, it can be difficult to take up every call seeking help. The probability of missing a call in such a situation is a lot, and that one missed call might cost someone their life. The NGO helpline equipped with an IVR system ensures that no call goes unanswered. Even if the line is busy the call queue feature can make sure that a call is assigned to an agent at the earliest.

Furthermore, with an IVR helpline making callbacks is easy as the complete integrated data of answered, unanswered, and missed calls is available. 

Call routing to specific agents

Covid-19 is affecting every individual differently. Some need oxygen support, while others need important medicines to survive or someone to run errands for them. All these needs cannot be catered to by one person. IVR solution installed in an NGO helpline helps in filtering calls as per the needs and then routes them to the right person. This saves time for both the caller as well as the receiver. IVR makes both call management and work management easier than ever. 

Keeping check through the IVR system

Most of the covid patients can be treated from home itself. Even WHO suggests home isolation rather than stacking in hospitals. But keeping a check on every patient in home isolation when the routines of doctors are already jam-packed seems impractical. IVR system makes it easy. The patient can be made to take regular surveys to ensure that he/she is doing fine and can reach out easily in case of emergy. 

COVID-19 survey

IVR number is not just helping NGOs but the government as well. The government can take the information about the people using the IVR system. The customized surveys can be designed in multi-level IVR and detailed analytics can be prepared. This will help the government to know that how many people are feeling unwell and how many are healthy.

These analytics can further help in making arrangements for crucial medical equipment as per the needs. Such surveys regarding covid through IVR can help in taking the necessary steps in curbing the actions of the virus by keeping a check on people regularly. 

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In these days of struggle, it is important for all of us to stand together and fight together. COVID-19 is impacting the lives of all of us. Some are grieving the loss of loved ones while others are struggling to fight the coronavirus. MyOperator gives respect to all the NGOs as well as individuals who are working tirelessly and helping those in need. We also extend a helping hand to all the NGOs and volunteer groups working for COVID relief by providing helpline numbers.

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