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What is Call Management Solution | #CRMbytes by MyOperator & Bigin by Zoho

MyOperator / Blog / What is Call Management Solution | #CRMbytes by MyOperator & Bigin by Zoho

You have definitely encountered the term “call management” if customer service or call center management has been a part of your daily business operations.

For the uninitiated, “call management” refers to the procedures and tools that companies employ to manage both outgoing and incoming business calls.

Call routing is accomplished by call management software using a set of established parameters and criteria. Any SME can profit from using each and every one of the various call routing options.

MyOperator telephony service helps your organization manage and control all incoming and outgoing calls by routing calls with telephone systems complying with predetermined specifications. You can distribute calls using data, call time, or call the location in addition to IVR menus, and call queues. This enables you to improve the client experience in various aspects, and call processes tend to be productive.

SMEs frequently have to work with tighter budgets. Utilizing effective management software will boost your productivity and efficiency, enabling you to accomplish your objectives with a limited workforce. Your team’s performance can be tracked with MyOperator call management software, allowing you to credit those who do well and provide support for those who do not. Moreover, incorporating a toll-free number through MyOperator enhances customer accessibility and support, contributing to an overall positive experience for your clientele.

There are a few things you should do before using this software once you have made the decision to invest in it. To start, you should outline the system’s objectives in detail, along with your plan for achieving them. 

If you’re already geared up for thiswe got some news! Did you know? You can set up an effective plan with MyOperator and Bigin by Zoho CRM

Things to look out for in the MyOperator call management system:

  • On your Bigin subscription, a free credit of $100 or 10,000 is given right away.
  • You are eligible to get three months free on a yearly MyOperator cloud telephony subscription.
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