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7 ways MyOperator can help you with efficient call management

7 Ways MyOperator can help you with efficient call management
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Managing calls from customers, clients, and prospects is a vital aspect of building a successful business, a trustworthy brand, and cultivating a loyal customer base. At MyOperator, our primary goal is to empower businesses like yours with efficient call management. 

In this post, we will discover 7 ways our cloud-based call management system can help you with efficient call management. 

Let’s dive in:

Track and follow-up all missed calls

Track missed calls on MyOperator hosted PBX

We know that you can’t stick to your mobile phone or landline 24*7. There are obvious reasons for missed calls in a day. You might be in a meeting. You might be off for a meal or a coffee break. Or you just might be busy on another call.

As per research, businesses miss 22% of calls on average. That means, with the MyOperator business phone system you can save 22% lost business.

For whatever reasons, we all miss calls and that’s okay. However, not following up on those missed calls might not be okay, especially if those calls are important for your business; like calls from your customers, clients, and prospects.

With MyOperator smart call management system, you can be assured of having the least number of missed calls and 100% follow-up on all calls that are missed.

MyOperator call center software and call forwarding solution, incoming calls are forwarded to the available agents. This makes it possible to attend multiple calls simultaneously. 

If no agent is available, customers are provided with the facility to leave a voice message and such calls are added in the queue for follow-up. Once agents are back, they can call back and follow up with the customers and clients. Managed follow-up system for missed calls ensures that no call stays unanswered. That also means a 100% response rate and better customer satisfaction.

Auto call management during playtime

When the game is on, we take care of your business calls

No matter how much we love our work, we all need off-time. Personal time away from work allows us to regain our energy and get back to work excited and energized. 

However, if you are used to attending business calls on your mobile even after working hours, your personal time might not feel as relaxing and carefree as it should be. On the other hand, you also don’t want to miss calls from your customers. 

What to do then? 

Well, MyOperator calls management system lets you make the very best of both: personal as well as work time. 

During working hours, all the incoming calls are routed to your mobile number. While during off-hours, callers are provided with an option to leave a voice message, and such calls are transferred to the live panel for follow up. Such a time-based call management system lets your customers connect with your business 24*7. At the same time, it lets you cut-off from your work after working hours and enjoy your personal time to the fullest.

Therefore, with the MyOperator cloud-based business phone system, you can route away from your business calls in your personal time and still make more business. 

One number connecting all departments and services

MyOperator call management: Single business number

On a cloud-based business phone system, you can map multiple departments and multiple agents on a single number. Therefore, in all your marketing campaigns, you can use that unique number. 

A unique toll free number helps your customers to connect with different departments and services that your business provides. It removes the trouble for your customers to dial-up different numbers to access different services of your business which can be confusing.

Manage business calls on the go

MyOperator call center management software is based on the cloud and needs no hardware setup. Your entire team members can manage all customer and client calls right on their smartphone, working from anywhere.

Remote call management empowers you to create a remote support team for your business and hire the best talent for providing customer support. It also gives your team the flexibility to work from any location of their choice. As we all know, flexibility to work remotely boost employees’ satisfaction levels who in turn better perform their job. 

Call recording for quality assurance and training

MyOperator call recording to build your business

If you lead a team of support agents, you must already know the importance of regular supervision of how your agents talk to your customers and step in for necessary guidance and training.

How would you do that? 

By overhearing conversations around their desk? Or by sitting with them to see how they talk over the phone? Well, not such a good approach!

One of the excellent ways to supervise and train your support staff is by recording all of your business calls and listening to sample recordings of each support agent. 

With call audits by listening to call recordings, you can find the quality gaps and provide the necessary information and training required to provide quality customer support.

With the MyOperator call management system, you can record all incoming and outgoing calls. Those call recordings are stored on the cloud that you can filter based on several factors like date, agent name, call ID, customer number, etc.Besides quality assurance, call recordings provide an excellent medium to train new staff. You can provide your new staff with call recordings that show high-quality customer support to help them understand their job requirements and expectations.

IVR & live call transfer for 100% support on one-call

Virtual number with MyOperator for efficient business

If you still spend time manually transferring calls to the right agents in the right department, you owe yourself big time!

With the MyOperator call management system, you can set up an IVR menu that automatically connects the callers to the right person in the right department, based on caller inputs.

Further, while talking to a customer or client call, sometimes you just need to connect them to another executive in your team. How do you do that? By asking your customers to call on another number? Well, that’s not good customer experience.

Is there any other option?Yes, live call transfer facility. With the live call transfer facility, you can connect your callers with other agents without disconnecting their calls. That not only saves valuable time for your customers but also provides good customer service by ensuring 100% support on a single call.

Make every call count with MyOperator mobile application

Track and manage your business calls on the go with MyOperator mobile application.

With MyOperator mobile application, you can make every business call count without the need to stay active on your phone 24*7. 

MyOperator call management app puts the power of cloud telephony and enterprise-grade call center right on your smartphone. With the MyOperator application, you can manage your business calls on the go and easily follow up on the missed calls from the call logs panel within the app.

If you need to manage a team of support agents, you can do that as well with the real-time performance reports available in the application. 

With the MyOperator app, you can be sure to have no missed calls and no lost business. Of course, 100% response rate too.

MyOperator business call management system simplifies, automates, and level-up the entire call handling process and its management. 

If you want to manage your business calls efficiently and save manual efforts that you might be putting in call management now, sign-up for MyOperator call management system for free today. 

If you want to know more about the online call management system, give us a call at +91 92129 92129 for a 1:1 consulting session. 

Talk soon!

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