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What call recording can mean for your business?

Call recording with MyOperator
MyOperator / Blog / What call recording can mean for your business?

Call recording may sound as one of the many run in the mill kind of function for an automated call management. But as you hit the crux of it , you will realize it as a multifaceted use from the customer, employee and the employer’s point of view . This blog highlights on the impact of call recording on your business.

Running a successful business hinges entirely upon the degree to which customer satisfaction is met. Without being able to monitor calls for quality assurance, it can be next to impossible to find out how well employees have met the needs of callers, and therefore impossible to measure success and failure. This all culminates in having not adequately considered ways to improve service.

Call recording is important for many reasons. First, when a misunderstanding occurs between a caller and an employee, it can be difficult without a call recording to get an accurate representation of exactly where the misunderstanding started. Without knowing this crucial piece of information, it is impossible to come up with a solution to avoid the misunderstanding in the future. Second, determining the strengths and weaknesses of employees is key to running a high quality business. By recording and playing back conversations, employees can hear themselves and make adjustments. Also, management can hear these conversations and determine the individual’s performance, digging the stirrups to improve performance.

It is an integral part of the skills programme, of benefit to employees and employers as well as consumers. Monitoring that is collaborative rather than prescriptive, inclusive rather than authoritarian, is likely to lead to more acceptance and cooperation. Most employers find it helpful to know what the company expects of them and why their calls are important to the business and its customers.

Feedback from the monitoring process should be objective, using a method of scoring and evaluating that is fair and agreed by all in advance, and it must be consistent and regular. Once milestones are agreed and set, they must be kept to, built on and progressed.

Feedback can be delivered one-to-one, remotely, or via group sessions where employers share and spread best practice as per convenience. Whatever method is selected, the important thing is that there is an opportunity for further growth of business.

Not only does this encourage their the business growth process, the customer calls, comments and suggestions are often extremely insightful. But also recording saves time on digging out valuable content and overcomes the limitations of human memory. With added benefit of rewind, fast-forward and play as per convenience.

Staff support should be provided through interventional referrals of the recorded call; always with the aim of improving the customer experience and achieving your business objectives.

Quality evaluation is only as good as the person doing the evaluating. If possible, it’s worthwhile investing in a dedicated person or, in the case of business centres, a specialist team to monitor quality in your contact centre. Supervisors are there to manage the floor and plan campaigns, not to monitor quality. By giving that role to a dedicated individual or team, you leave your operational staff free to manage would be an added benefit.

Once you have identified someone to handle monitoring and evaluating, you can allot the task to the required expertise.

There’s a direct correlation between call quality and the accuracy, frequency and excellence of monitoring and evaluating. The equation is simple: the more time and effort you invest in monitoring, the better the service to your customers will be, and the bigger the benefits to sales and customer retention levels!!

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As well as internal monitoring, it’s also helpful to compare your performance with others, especially the competition. Businesses with no monitoring systems or resources in place should consider outsourcing these functions to an external agency. It can be a cost-effective option.

Reward high-quality work through mechanisms. And if consumers are pleased with the service, pass on their messages. Integrate all these positive points into the company’s annual appraisal and benefits schemes.

Identify and save examples of your best practice or ‘Golden’ calls so that they can be used as a training aid to help continually improve the overall call handling process.

As an employer; If you want to see an uplift in the overall customer experience, a well-thought-out quality management procedure can work wonders!

It gives your agents something to strive for. It gives you insight into the core traits and skills that your agents need to interact with your customers, and the customers themselves will also have a more positive experience when doing business with you, giving your business that competitive advantage.

Comprehensive call recording services help you get a better understanding of your customer base and improve customer service and sales techniques, whilst ensuring that no call ever goes unanswered again. The benefits of call recording are part of our innovative system, which allows business owners to measure the success of marketing campaigns.

How Does it Work?

All calls received on your MyOperator call center software number are recorded and saved in mp3 format. They can easily be retrieved through a user-friendly web interface which provides a secure individual log-in. The cloud call center solution enhances the management and organization of incoming calls, ensuring a streamlined process for efficient communication.

Record calls and obtain the full recording ‘anytime’

  • You answer the call.
  • The call is recorded in full and stored on a secure, user-friendly web interface, accessible by you at any time.

Call recording data is stored online in real time, meaning you instantly have access to vital stats of the call, including the caller location and phone number (if available), the number dialed and the end destination, call time and duration.

Innovative call recording technology can dramatically improve customer service in multiple ways. It decreases the occurrence of missed calls because:

  • Businesses with multiple outlets can splay calls between their locations and sales teams, depending on the volume of calls each can handle.
  • Time of day routing enables you to direct incoming calls to different numbers (eg mobile or landline).  You’re in control of routing changes through our web interface, and your routing changes apply immediately.

Call recording also lets you easily return missed calls because:

  • If a customer leaves a voice message, call recording technology instantly emails the voice message to you as a sound file.
  • If a customer hangs up without leaving a message, you receive a missed call alert email containing the date, time and phone number allowing you to return the call.

Hence, recorded calls and get access to intelligent data on your respondent.

Lastly, I would like to point out that the aim of quality monitoring, especially in the context of an IVR system, from an operational point of view is to identify the calls failing to meet pre-defined standards and get to the root cause of why. This process leaves you and your team to get to the bottom of it and helps you to improvise and improve the efficiency of your IVR system.

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