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Cloud telephony for business across the industries

MyOperator / Blog / Cloud telephony for business across the industries

Customers often ask MyOperator, “Is cloud telephony useful for our business?.”

Given that, we understand business challenges vary across sectors. The difficulties of an educational institution are unlike that of a restaurant chain or a finance company. Likewise, the goals tourism sector has are entirely different from that of healthcare.

However, what’s common is they all seek simplified, cost-effective solutions to fix their problems.

That’s why our answer to the above-stated question is always a confident YES. Cloud telephony is THE answer to automation solutions businesses across sectors seek.

Read ahead as you’ll find five use cases to prove how Cloud Telephony is an ideal-fit solution for your sector.

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Cloud telephony for healthcare business

Cloud telephony for business (healthcare)

  1. Challenge: Donation camps are often conducted as healthcare initiatives. However, the incurred results do not meet expectations as the circulated information does not reach many people in the first place.

    Solution: Outbound IVR — without manual effort and minimal cost, people across targeted regions can be reached in one go. Through automatic outbound dialers, a recorded message of the information can be personally conveyed to people ensuring maximum reach and engagement from the audience.

  2. Challenge: Higher authorities are not 100% aware of how doctors or staff deal with patients who call for advice. Consequently, patients’ queries are addressed with inapt advice and are often charged with an extra fee for casual consultation.

    Solution: Call Recording — automatically recorded calls can make monitoring of on-call conversation easier. Through remote access to recordings stored on the cloud, they can be used as references/proofing in case of disputes.

  3. Challenge: Emergency, diagnostics, pharmacies; hospitals have multiple departments where calls are manually transferred to connect callers with their concerned unit. This leads to keeping the callers on hold for a long duration while also depending on human intervention in the state of emergency.

    Solution: IVR (Interactive Voice Response) — basis callers’ input in the telephonic menu, calls can automatically be routed to respective departments without human involvement. The solution proves time-saving for callers while facilitating quicker resolutions to medical needs.

  4. Challenge: 365*24*7 availability is an unexceptional requisite in healthcare. Doctors are expected to remain available round-the-clock to attend patients; if not in person, at least through calls. This becomes difficult wherein the doctors have to stay in hospitals just to attend calls.

    Solution: Again, IVR — calls can automatically be routed to the doctor’s dedicated phone number (eliminating the landline phones). Through IVR, doctors can connect easily with the callers regardless of geographical limitations.

  5. Challenge: A major challenge for hospitals/clinics is notifying patients about changes/updates in their appointments. To keep patients notified, the staff is often found making calls to each patient resulting in a laborious and time-consuming task which is prone to mistakes.

    Solution: Automated calls or SMS — automated calls or SMS can be used to notify patients about a change of timing in their appointment while omitting manual intervention. Through the automation of this process, the hospital/clinic can ensure effective, error-free process and a proof of professionalism towards the patients.

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Cloud telephony for Education business

Cloud telephony for business (Education )

  1. Challenge: In an aggressive market, institutions struggle to stand ahead of competitors. Moreover, making efforts to provide exclusive service experience to target customers doesn’t always yield desired results.

    Solution: 1800 Toll Free number — a display number can be leveraged to upgrade customer communication and to stand out. Parents and students can connect with the institution without paying a penny on call cost. With a Toll Free, institutions can enhance the calling experience and portray a brand image.

  2. Challenge: Admission season is hectic during which the admin staff receives a high volume of calls. A couple of individuals are assigned to attend admission enquiry calls without a miss. Most of all, limited resources during the seasonal rush at times result in reduced efficiency.

    Solution: IVR — recordings set on the IVR can be used to answer parents’ queries in respect of admissions, important dates, or more relevant updates. In case of addressing one-on-one queries, callers can get connected with staff over calls. Through IVR, institutions can ensure all enquiry calls are answered while reducing the burden on staff.

  3. Challenge: Parents and students expect to get notified in the occurrence of last-minute holidays, change in timings, or other important events. Notifying each student/parent individually (via calls/SMS) is tiresome and costly.

    Solution: Outbound IVR — recording on the IVR can be used to convey the message/update as the dialer conducts outbound calls on the numbers in the database. Through outbound call automation, institutions can ensure all the parents are aware real-time and the need for the manual effort is eliminated.

  4. Challenge: During the commencement of admission season, institutions go heavy on advertising. However, due to heavy cost, the branding remains limited to a small set of audience.

    Solution: Bulk SMS — institutions can use SMS solution to reach large masses at low cost. Exclusive offerings of the centre could be sent via SMS to the potential customers. Additionally, this could even be used to send invites for annual days or other special occasions.

  5. Challenge: Institutions with multiple branches struggle in managing calls on one phone for different branches. Whereas, getting multiple contact numbers and advertising each one of them, turns out be costly as well as laborious.

    Solution: Virtual phone number — institutions can have a centralized virtual number with multiple phone numbers mapped behind it. Through number mapping, incoming calls can be automatically routed to the selected branch, saving a substantial amount of time and budget.

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Cloud telephony for Food & Beverage business

Cloud telephony for business (Food and Beverages)

  1. Challenge: Internet (online ordering) has made food ordering just a few clicks away. However, phone calls play a major role to streamline the complete delivery process. Here, one of the challenges faced by restaurants/hotels is ensuring privacy of both the delivery personnel and the customer when delivery takes place.

    Solution: Call masking — delivery agents’ and respective customers’ numbers can be masked behind a temporary virtual number. A different number flashes on the screen every time agents or customers connect over the call. Through masking, restaurants can ensure confidentiality of both party’s personal numbers, and hence maintain privacy.

  2. Challenge: Along with online ordering, even calls contribute in bringing a substantial amount of orders for restaurants. However, due to untracked calls and high volume, restaurants/hotels are prone to missing them leading to lost orders, hence customers.

    Solution: Call tracking & reporting — by subscribing and referring to call reports, agents can perform timely follow-ups on missed calls and save churning customers. With analytical reports, restaurants can even leverage the retrieved customer database which can be used for remarketing purpose.

  3. Challenge: Restaurants often have widespread branches. Having their respective contact number and advertising each, is a problematic and an expensive deal. Also, it gets confusing for callers to connect with their nearest branch number.

    Solution: Virtual phone number — restaurants can advertise a single phone number only. Customer calls will be routed to their concerned branch’s phone number (with contact-based IVR). This will ensure 1) a worthy marketing expenditure and 2) bring automation in call management.

  4. Challenge: Restaurants face this dilemma to ask for contact & delivery address details every time customers call to place an order. The repetition not just annoys callers but even impacts the goodwill as the challenge persists every time.

    Solution: CRM integration — agents can see all the related details of the customer everytime they receive their call. With a call management solution integrated with existing/new CRM, agents will have the ease to fetch respective caller details and can provide a more professional yet personalized experience.

  5. Challenge: In an effort to impart outstanding customer experience, providing just delicious food does not suffice. Restaurants strive to create a memorable customer experience and overcome competitors.

    Solution: 1800 toll free number — food and hospitality players can showcase a powerful brand image. By displaying a 1800 Toll Free number restaurants can let their customers leverage a cost-free calling experience, and present a professional approach in the market.

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Cloud telephony for the Tourism business

Cloud telephony for business (tourism)

  1. Challenge: In the tourism sector, customer queries are not confined to rigid work hours or weekdays. Travel agents are expected to remain available 24*7. Ensuring a round-the-clock presence becomes challenging with a traditional landline system.

    Solution: IVR — Calls will be routed to the agents’ dedicated phone numbers. This will eliminate the landline phone (and the agents’ need to stick to their office desk) to attend customer calls. Hence, it will make availability round-the-clock much easier.

  2. Challenge: Tourism companies go heavy on advertising. However, investing in the right marketing campaign and monitoring their performance is one big challenge. Result, incorrect targeting, unworthy expenditure, and unsubstantial results.

    Solution: Call tracking — businesses can find out the advertising source of each customer call. With a unique virtual number assigned to every marketing platform (Email, SMM, PPC, SMS), tracking the source of each call will become effortless. And, marketers will get the right insight they need to focus on a worthy campaign and bring in maximal ROI.

  3. Challenge: There are times when travel agents get certain client information over calls. When at times the information goes missing, agents then have to call the customer repetitively to verify the details. This impacts both the company’s brand image and the customer experience.

    Solution: Call Recording — travel agents can easily access recordings stored on the cloud and hear initial conversations to re-verify the client details. With call recordings, agents can also refer to calls in case of misunderstanding or miscommunication (if any) regarding tour details.

  4. Challenge: Different customers are assigned to different agents. However, when customers call, their calls are manually transferred to connect them with their respective agent in order to maintain the sync of information. This often leads to time consumption and on-call waiting for callers.

    Solution: IVR and sticky agent –With an IVR accompanied by the sticky agent feature, businesses can ensure not just accurate call routing, but even make callers speak to a single agent right from the beginning and ensure their eased and personalised dealing experience.

  5. Challenge: There are lakhs of travel companies out in the market; not to forget the several individual agents. Providing just cheap tour packages doesn’t yield desired results amongst potential customers. There persists a need to take a step ahead.

    Solution: 1800 Toll free number + IVR — travel agencies can provide a professional and cost-free calling experience as a measure to enhance their customers’ on-call interaction. best toll free number provider in india paired with an IVR, can deliver the finest customer calling experience, favouring brand recall.

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Cloud Telephony for Fintech business

Cloud telephony for business (Fintech)

  1. Challenge: The foremost challenge in the fintech sector has been to achieve their regulatory compliances. It’s mandate to archive all calls records for proofing and future references. Investing in outdated and heavy PBX system for this turns out as a costly business.

    Solution: Cloud-based call management system — businesses can ensure real-time call logs and a repository of callers’ database. With a call management setup, calls can be recorded, stored on the cloud, and accessed anytime independent of geography. Mostly, businesses can overcome the liability of high CAPEX of hardware maintenance.

  2. Challenge: Customers often request to be informed about their up-to-date card/account balance. Calling each customer one-on-one to complete the request is gruelling, laborious and prone to miscommunication of confidential information.

    Solution: Missed call solution + API integration — for account related information, customers can simply give a missed call on the circulated virtual number and be immediately informed. With the solution and API integration, collected missed call data can automatically be transferred in a sheet and hence favour automatic trigger of requested information via Bulk SMS solutions.

  3. Challenge: At times, financial exchanges are performed via calls due to bad internet connectivity or backend issues. Herein, the transactions become prone to errors due to miscommunication from either customers’  or agents’ side. During the audit, it gets difficult to refer to the real order details.

    Solution: Call recording— agents can have hassle-free transactions over call without a worry. With Call recording, customer conversations can be recorded, stored on the cloud, and accessed anytime to cater reliable resolutions in case of arising disputes in future or to conduct a proper audit.

  4. Challenge: Companies have different business departments viz. sales, support, HR. Incoming calls have to be transferred manually from one department to other, ending up consuming both callers’ and agents’ time.

    Solution: IVR — companies can ensure callers’ connectivity with the right department effortlessly. With an IVR (a telephonic menu having individual extension denoting each department) callers’ can automatically connect with the right person by simply pressing the respective key, eg. 1 for sales, 2 for support, 3 for feedback.

  5. Challenge: When customers seek assistance, they are asked to share contact/account details over the call, nearly every time. Alternatively, agents conduct manual data search to find callers’ corresponding history and details. In both the circumstances, efforts are time-consuming and vulnerable to errors.

    Solution: CRM integration — By integrating call center software into the call management setup and existing CRM, all callers’ data (accurate) can be brought to agents’ disposal. This integration makes all related details of callers readily accessible to agents in one window, ensuring a personalized and smooth experience for callers.

Referring to the above instances which narrate different problem statements about different types of businesses, this is how cloud automation and simplification really looks and works like.

In conclusion, cloud telephony including a robust cloud call center solution is the remedy to all call related challenges faced by any business across any sector. Hence, making their calls work for them.

When are you simplifying your calls?

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