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8 traits of the best IVR Service Provider that can give an effective edge to your business

MyOperator / Blog / 8 traits of the best IVR Service Provider that can give an effective edge to your business

There are multiple integrities before choosing the best IVR service provider for business to unfold but before considering the details, let’s consider the following example:

This is the story of an aspiring entrepreneur. He wants to set up a call center consisting of 10 people. He is facing challenges such as what will be the possible outcome for establishing rapid and meaningful communication with the customers. Apart from this, knowing that there would be high call volume and attending each and every call manually is not possible. 

Further, he learns about the IVR service providers available in the market, and he is pretty much confused and not able to decide which one to go for.

Therefore choosing the best IVR service provider can be a deal-breaker. Knowing the market competition, taking the right decision on this part itself is important and a turning stone for establishing effective business communication. 

There are many features to choose from but some are extremely important because let’s assume what if your IVR service provider lacks essential qualities that are important in so many aspects? The question thus again stands still.

Good IVR Service Provider is the necessity for every business but the best one is the one-man army for every successful business communication.

So to find out answers to this question, let’s consider what constitutes the best IVR service provider and what are the parameters we can measure to figure out the same. Therefore, it would be beneficial for businesses to analyse the overall performance of the IVR service providers available in the market

Here are 8 beneficial Traits of the Best Service Provider

1. Seamless Customisation

Making an IVR service that completely matches your company’s style is the key to creating a great one. The best IVR service providers give you lots of choices to change things according to your brand. This means you can design how the IVR works to match your brand’s personality. 

This helps callers feel like they know your business well, making them more interested and connected to what you offer. So, finding the right IVR service provider is like finding a way to make your phone system reflect your business in the best way possible.

  • Personalised Brand Voice: A superior IVR service lets you choose a voice that embodies your brand’s identity. This voice becomes the auditory representation of your business, creating a consistent and memorable experience for callers.
  • Script Tailoring: The IVR’s script can be finely crafted to reflect your brand’s language, tone, and values. This ensures that every interaction aligns with your company’s ethos, fostering a sense of familiarity and connection.
  • Flexibility in Prompts: The ability to customise prompts and menu options allows you to cater to specific customer needs. Tailored prompts guide callers efficiently, making them feel understood and valued.
  • Adaptable Call Routing: An effective IVR service enables dynamic call routing based on caller input or history. This personal touch minimises unnecessary transfers and expedites issue resolution.
  • Branded On-Hold Experience: Customisable on-hold messages and music maintain brand consistency even during wait times, transforming potentially frustrating moments into engaging experiences.
  • Integration of Relevant Information: The IVR can integrate customer data, providing personalised assistance. This level of customisation demonstrates a deep understanding of individual needs.
  • Evolution with Brand: As your business evolves, so can your IVR. A distinguished provider ensures scalability and updates to sustain alignment with your brand’s growth trajectory.

How to customize your IVR

Presenting a step by step detailed guide on how to customize your IVR workflow.

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2. An IVR That Stays Available Round The Clock

Well, if you are going for the best IVR service provider comes the benefit of round the clock business availability. Businesses need to stay available 24*7 for better customer outreach. It gives efficiency to the business and it is highly important when it comes to providing a better customer experience.   

With this benefit, you can stay available for your business even after working hours because your IVR service provider comes with this benefit

3. Seamless Omni-Channel Integration

Today’s customer interactions go beyond just one way of communication. A great IVR service provider knows this and connects different ways like social media, email, and chat. 

This makes the customer’s experience smooth and connected. Research from the Aberdeen Group says that companies using these methods keep 89% of their customers, while those who don’t keep only 33%.

For IVR solution providers, being an IVR call service provider, or offering various IVR services, it’s crucial to recognise this change. Especially in the UK, where the competition is high. Being the best IVR service means adapting to what customers want.

Collecting feedback through IVR services helps improve too. When customers can easily use different ways to reach a business, they feel heard and understood. This leads to more customers staying loyal and happy.

Real-time Issue Escalation: In cases where a customer’s inquiry requires higher-level assistance, omni-channel integration enables smooth escalation. If a customer begins a conversation through email and then switches to a voice call solution, the transition can occur seamlessly, ensuring that the customer’s concern is addressed without unnecessary delays.

  • Enhanced Customer Insights: By gathering data from various call center software solution channels, businesses gain comprehensive insights into customer behaviour and preferences. This data informs strategic decisions, such as refining marketing strategies or developing new products that directly align with customer needs.
  • 24/7 Availability: Omni-channel integration extends the availability of customer support beyond traditional office hours. Customers can engage with the IVR system through their preferred channel at any time, receiving information and assistance even when human agents are not available.
  • Streamlined Feedback Collection: Integrating channels such as social media and email into the IVR system simplifies the process of collecting customer feedback. This real-time feedback loop aids in identifying areas for improvement and adapting strategies based on customer input.

Reduced Customer Churn: The cohesive experience created by omni-channel integration fosters a sense of loyalty and trust. Customers who can seamlessly interact with a brand through their preferred channels are more likely to remain engaged and less likely to switch to competitors.

4. An Ivr To Handle A High Number Of Calls

Major sectors today including hospitality, infrastructure, education, etc are utilizing the benefits of IVR number that can substantially handle calls throughout the day. For example, let’s consider the scenario of the education sector. It brought revolutionary changes in the system where earlier delivering one piece of information was backed up by manual efforts. 

Now suppose, No matter what if the type is your business, receiving calls and managing them accordingly is constitutes a manual task for the business. 

5. Information On Your Fingertips

The best part about the IVR is that customers can easily interact with the businesses and can generate substantial information regarding any particular update related to the product. It is, therefore, the best way for even businesses where they can come up with new ideas for delivering information regarding the product. 

Today, every business is looking for substantial ways to deliver information that can drive out innovation at every level. The best IVR service provider does the same for your business. 

6. IVR for after office hours 

If you are looking for the best IVR service provider, there is one important thing your IVR provider should be unfolding for you. Though there are multiple services that an IVR service provider can offer you, without the after office hours support any business communication can face major drawbacks. An IVR that can support your business communication even after the office hours is an important benefit because it will not only handle your important business calls but also will be able to provide substantial help in enhancing the customer experience.

IVR after Office Hours

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 7. Automated Call Recording 

The best IVR service provider comes with the benefit of automated call recording. It is an important feature when it comes to recording your essential business communication and utilising the data for training and quality purposes. This data even can be utilised in responding to the multiple queries related to the product.

  • Leveraging the capabilities of this feature, call recordings can play a pivotal role in enhancing user satisfaction through improved customer experiences.
  • The significance of prioritising customer experience remains undiminished even in the 21st century, owing to the imperative of delivering not just prompt customer care service, but also creating enduring value that transcends time.
  • In the realm of customer interaction,IVR call service providers collectively contribute to shaping these enhanced experiences.

8. An IVR for Call Routing 

The basic requirement of an IVR is to route the calls to the right departments. This feature is basic yet the major parameter for business communication. The best IVR provider comes with the facility to route the right calls to the right departments. 

There can be numerous virtual contacts and manual intervention for each and every call is not possible for people. This feature not only saves time for your team but also saves you from all the manual efforts and energy required in each task.

To conclude this, I would say that the market is filled with various IVR service providers, but to choose the best one is the constant approach business should include in their strategy. There are specific features that only constitutes who is winning in the race for the best IVR service provider.

To conclude this, I would say that the market is filled with various IVR service providers, but to choose the best one is the constant approach business should include in their strategy. There are specific features that only constitutes who is winning in the race for the best IVR service provider. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

IVR customer experience refers to the interaction customers have with an Interactive Voice Response system, a technology that allows automated communication with callers. It’s crucial as it shapes the first impression customers have of your business and can greatly impact customer satisfaction.

To enhance your IVR customer experience, focus on creating clear and concise voice prompts, organising menu options logically, and providing self-service solutions for common inquiries. Regularly update your IVR system to reflect current offerings and address customer needs.

You can boost your IVR system’s performance by integrating Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to understand and respond to more complex customer requests. Additionally, offering personalised options based on customer history and preferences can make the IVR experience more engaging

An improved IVR system can enhance sales by providing callers with quick access to product information, special offers, and promotions. Implementing a Visual IVR, which offers visual menus and options on smartphones, can make the sales process even more engaging and streamlined.

Make sure your IVR system is user-friendly by using simple and jargon-free language in your prompts, limiting the number of menu options, and providing an option to speak to a live agent at any point. User testing and gathering feedback can help refine the system’s usability.

A Visual IVR enhances the IVR experience by displaying visual menus and icons on a caller’s smartphone. This enables callers to navigate options more easily and even select choices by tapping on the screen, making the process faster and more intuitive.

Avoid common pitfalls by not overwhelming callers with excessive menu layers, keeping menu options relevant and up-to-date, and ensuring that callers can always exit the IVR and connect with a live agent if needed. Complex language and unclear prompts should also be avoided.

An enhanced IVR system contributes to customer satisfaction by reducing wait times, providing quicker access to information, and allowing customers to resolve simple inquiries without agent assistance. This convenience and efficiency can leave customers with a more positive perception of your business.

Certainly! You can improve sales using Visual IVR by incorporating clickable product catalogues, visual product demonstrations, and easy-to-follow purchasing options. Providing a seamless transition from visual menus to the purchasing process can encourage customers to make a purchase.

Regular updates are essential to keep your IVR system relevant and aligned with customer expectations. Aim to review and refresh your IVR prompts, options, and self-service capabilities at least every six months, or more frequently if your offerings change often.

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