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8 Essential Ways To Get Customer Feedback with Less Effort [With Infographic]

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In a world where consumers’ purchasing pursuits are glaringly impulse-driven, retaining the customers seems much more far-fetched than attracting them. 

This makes it almost imperative to ensure you persistently get customer feedback about the product. It is no less important than providing them with good quality and services. Every business leader wants to provide the best customer services and wants their product to satisfy their needs to a T. 

Customer feedback allows you to find out the likes and dislikes of your customers about your product; or maybe what they would like to add or change in your product. These things help you to live up to your customers’ expectations and also sustainably fulfill them.

Now the question is how to get continuous feedback from customers and that too with less effort and resources?

Let’s uncover some of the myths and facts of business communication and effective ways to get customers’ feedback and suggestions!

Get Customer Feedback with Less Effort

1. Polls and surveys

Putting up polls and surveys are the easiest way to get customer feedback and suggestions. You can create fun polls and surveys to make them interesting for your customers. Polls aren’t very time-consuming, they only take a few seconds or minutes.

And to make it more interesting, you can add fun content related to your product development, so that customers do not find it boring. You’ll easily get access to a lot of free/paid customer survey tools that can be conducted through various customer touchpoints. 

2. Social media

Social media is the most popular way or choice to get an overview of what your customers are talking about you. Use social media to know what people and your customers think about you and your products.

The most common social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Make use of these platforms to engage with your customers and let them know that you care about them.

3. Cloud Telephony services 

You have already seen how big brands connect with their customers using cloud telephony services such as IVR service, toll-free number services, cloud call center and call center software services to collect their feedback and complaints.

But here’s a deal, a lot of small business owners have an idea that this service is used only by enterprise-grade companies only. The reality is, a lot of SMEs, micro-businesses, and even solopreneurs are seamlessly managing their sales and customer calling operations with cloud telephony on their laptops and mobile phones.

No huge call center operational costs or traditional PBX system. If recent reports are to be believed, cloud telephony has the potential to drive down 90% of initial costs for any startup or a small business.  

4. Live chat

Live chat has now become the most popular way of getting feedback from your customer because it’s simple to use and easily accessible. It can be used to collect feedback from your customers, what problems they are facing with your products and services and you can help them with what they need on the go.

Whether it’s a free live chat set up on your website or social media page or a WhatsApp API and chatbot, all work well to connect with your customers at the tap of a button. 

5. Create groups and communities

Forming a group online can be a great way to collect feedback and to know what your customers are expecting and what they need. It can also be useful in solving common problems. An online community can be prominent for sharing information, experience and having healthy discussions. 

6. E-mails

Distill down your core customer base and send emails to your clients in the form of a newsletter, survey, poll, and also online form. This won’t cost you much resource or effort. The more you interact, the better response you get. Do you know 81% and 80% of SMBs rely on emails as their primary customer acquisition channel and retention respectively? 

7. SMS surveys

Yeah, we know most of the SMS in your old-school inbox are laying dust, but it’s still too early to underestimate the power of SMS surveys. It still stands out as one of the most powerful, cost-effective, and easiest ways to get feedback from customers.

Depending on your target group, there are still a sizable number of customers who prefer to communicate via SMS, instead of emails or other popular channels.

8. Analyze on-site activity

If you have an active web presence, whether, on social media or maybe a well-maintained website, it’s imperative to 

analyze your user behavior and interact with your audience accordingly. You can collect data and statistics on the types of activities on your website, and this will help you understand where your customers spend most of their time. 

Create or restructure your Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ section based on these findings and the kind of response you mostly get on social media or other popular channels. Your customers will thank you for it.  

Long story short, no matter what type of feedback you receive, it always helps you build a better relationship with your customers, improves the product and also the brand image. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments.

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