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Call Recording solution for small business: A detailed Guide

call recording solution for small business
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“This call might be recorded for training and monitoring purposes”

I am sure you must have heard this message many times whenever you contacted on a company’s contact number.

Well, call recording is not a new concept. It has been used by people for many years through downloaded mobile apps. However, usage of call recordings for the business purpose has become popular and in fact important in recent few years.

Better team monitoring, helpful customer insights, effective improvements are few notable benefits that businesses have been witnessing while using call recording service for their customer communication. 

It’s true that call recording technology was earlier relished only by companies with big IT budgets, but now, the fact that its beneficial for small businesses too, call recording feature comes at a cost-effective price as well. 

And, looking at the present situation, recordings of on-call customer conversations have proven to be of big help for both big and small businesses in their routine functioning and monitoring.

So, without delaying it much, let’s dive into understanding the basic concept of call recordings and how it can be advantageous for your business.

What is Call Recording solution for small business?

You must have sales and support teams to attend to your customers, close the deals, and provide help to your customers whenever required. I am sure you’ll agree that calls are the most preferred mode of communication that customers prefer till date. Herein, it is extremely vital for businesses to be aware of how their customers are attended on calls.

Call recording solution is basically one key monitoring tool to help your company supervisors be cognizant of their team working. To put in simpler words, the call recording solution would record your customer calls attended or made by your frontline executives.

As we are in 2020, these call recording software are nothing like your traditional on-premise setup with large and bulky hardware installed in your office. Modern and smart call recording software would work online using cloud telephony technology

Recordings will be automatically done and updated on a live panel accessible to you. However, if you look for the best call recording service provider they may even provide you add-on features and benefits with your business call recording (Will introduce you to that provider in later part of the article).

Benefits of Call Recording Solution for Small Business

Now that we have understood the basic concept of call recording software, it is vital that we cover the ‘why’ portion of it. Why is call recording important for your business, and how it contributes to your better functioning and even growth?

To put it in brief, call recording enables you to be cognizant of your team working, empower you to implement improvements and results in your better customer service and employee efficiency.

To understand this elaborately, here are 7 benefits of call recording solution for small businesses that you should check:

1. Constant tab on executives’ performance

Supervising team’s online work is still doable. But, for teams involved in customer communication on calls, how would you monitor that? Certainly, you can’t sit next to them to hear them speak on phones. Herein, recorded conversations enable you and your quality assessment teams to thoroughly monitor the way your executives communicate with your customers. It even helps you evaluate their speaking skills and leverage improvements wherever required. 

2. Effective insights on customer requirements

Building the right buyer persona is vital for all businesses to grow and serve customers in the right direction. Your research on knowing your potential customers would be incomplete without understanding their spoken problems and their expectations from your product. Herein, it’s wise to say that customer call recordings will serve as your most useful tool in hand to know about your customer requirements and make amendments to your product accordingly.

3. Monitoring from any remote location

The best part of call recordings as the monitoring tool is the fact that it isn’t restricted to time and geography. You can access the call recordings on the live panel from any part of the country. In fact, recordings which are months old, even they can be accessed anytime. Just a simple search with the Online phone number and all the call related activities will be displayed upfront. Simple yet effective, isn’t it?

Why is call recording important for your small business

4. Secured evidence for any possible dispute

Unfortunately, situations of customer conflict can arise in any company. Herein, convincing the client of knowing the true picture is extremely important. And in these circumstances, there could not be better evidence than the exact spoken words of two parties to judge who’s at fault. Recorded conversations with clients secure your business from any probable dispute or false charges pressed against your company by the customer.

5. Better coaching of new employees

While training new employees and teaching them the expected and professional way of communicating with customers, actual and real-life examples work the best in them. Recorded conversations which show what customers say and how the business executives are expected to explain the product to them, can prove to be the most effective way of employee coaching.  It even helps in highlighting the mistakes which should be avoided during customer conversations.

6. Beneficial aid for marketing analysis

Product marketing is done across various channels, targeted to different potential customers. Herein, knowing which platform brings what kind of customers and what are their respective requirements can genuinely help the marketing team in assessing their results. For instance, different numbers can be displayed on paid ads and on social media platforms. With call recordings, it can be effectively analysed how your customers coming through paid ads and social media turn out on validity metrics. 

Helpful for cross verification of business orders/deals

Where important business transactions are done through calls, there can be slight chances of confusion and misunderstanding on the same. At times, the executive might forget the exact requirements said by customer or the client can go back to their words while making the final payment. In such cases, recorded conversations between both parties can prove to be the most reliable tool to cross-verify the order details. 

Best Call Recording Solution in India

There are several important traits to look at when you plan to buy call recording solution for business. And, it’s even true that there are thousands of vendors in the marketing which can provide call recording service at different prices. 

When it comes to selecting the right call recording service provider, it’s crucial to make an informed choice. Look no further, as MyOperator can be your ideal solution. We are a prominent cloud telephony provider in India, dedicated to enhancing business call handling through automation and simplicity. With features like toll-free numbers, IVR system, cloud call center solution, cloud based call center software, and WhatsApp API we empower businesses to streamline their communication processes and provide a seamless experience for their customers.

MyOperator call recording feature is activated as soon the call is connected between your executive and customer. This feature will enable you to understand the full conversation and story with clear, complete audio recordings, and leverage key improvements accordingly.

Below mentioned are a few what makes MyOperator the best choice if you are looking for call recording service for business:

1. The solution is a bunch of 50+ features to help you streamline your customer calls smartly.

2. We promise to provide you round-the-clock support in both technical and operational groups and ensure that you make the most out of our call recording solution. 

3. The call recordings are automatically stored on cloud and can be accessed by you anytime in future,

4. The recordings are downloadable and can be shared with your team members/other departments or customers. 

5. We can confidently say that we provide the most reasonable and justified pricing in the industry, which is also flexible as per your requirements.

6. We even have a 30-day refund policy in place so that you don’t have to think twice before making the payment. 

7. We have a strong and large geographically redundant network that minimises any chances of your call drops.

8. MyOperator even has advanced-level security measures to keep your business data and recordings protected.

9. Our advanced data centres set up across the country will ensure your 99.9% uptime of calls by all means.

10. Lastly, due to our professional services, we have gained the trust of many reputed businesses like Lenskart, Bharti AXA, Piramal group and 6000 others.

Key Takeaway

It goes without saying that monitoring of employees and keeping tab on customer-related activities is extremely crucial for any growth-focused business today. Thanks to technology, we can achieve the above objectives with ease and without much investment. Call recording is one such example of modern technology assisting businesses to grow faster and serve better. 

As we have seen how we at MyOperator can serve you best with our call recording software, connect with us on 92129 92129 or hello@myoperator to know more about the working of call recording solution.

You may even sign up here for a quick 3-day demo our of cloud-based call center software:

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