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We already have a long list of articles defining a virtual mobile number and why businesses should implement the same for their customer communication. 

However, I would like to add a new perspective to virtual mobile number in light of it its capability to enhance the customer service experience. And, the reason why this attribute is important to be discussed is that according to recent research, 80% of customers prefer businesses that provide better and quick customer care service experience. 

In the present day scenario, business owners, corporate enterprises and small startups need to fulfill the criteria of providing top-notch customer service where every customer is attended and valued to the extent where not only just the basic requirements are addressed but also they are given next-level experience to remember.

No doubt that for every business owner, it takes endless efforts to bring business ideas into existence. There are numerous facets that need to be incorporated during this process. 

Therefore, every feature, that has the caliber to simplify and upgrade the whole business communication process, will certainly be of utmost significance. This time its virtual mobile number.

As technology is making advancement with swift velocity like never before, businesses are also moving from the traditionally installed multiple phone numbers to modern-day virtual mobile numbers that are easy to access and hold more potential in nature. 

But there are certain sections that still need clarity, so let’s start with the basics.

What is a virtual mobile number?

A virtual mobile number is a phone number that is not directly associated with a physical telephone device. It is rather a display phone number that is linked to the server and has multiple phone numbers mapped behind it. 

Here, as we can see, the biggest benefit of a virtual mobile number is that it’s not chained to any particular device. This is the reason why it is easily accessible, more private and a technological boon for business communication for sure. Therefore, businesses can easily subside the traditionally installed bulky system hardware and can promptly switch to the one-stop solution of virtual mobile number. 

It empowers companies to add all their required employee’s number behind one virtual number and make it easy for the customers to connect with anyone with the same number. 

How virtual mobile number works?

The technique behind the virtual mobile number is actually cloud telephony. A virtual mobile number doesn’t hold any physical hardware. It is completely powered by cloud telephony.  Therefore, there are multiple channel lines connecting an actual phone number with a virtual mobile number. It ensures that multiple calls can simultaneously be attended with a virtual mobile number. 

In fact, a virtual mobile number can be specifically designed in a way for easy recalling, called vanity numbers or the ones which are free for callers, called tollfree numbers. 

virtual mobile number

Benefits and features of a virtual mobile number

A virtual mobile number comes with some crucial benefits that are unavoidable if you want to bring advancement to your customer communication.

Here are a few advantages of virtual mobile number:

1. IVR solution:

A virtual mobile number comes with an automated IVR that is well customized according to your business needs. It will give your business a professional voice while further routing the calls to the right departments. The best part about the virtual mobile number is the automated IVR solution that handles and routes the business calls.

There are many essential benefits an IVR upholds. It is a very important facet of day to day business communication. There are multiple benefits that a well-customized IVR can provide to the customers such as giving customers the opportunity to choose between the option.

2. Call recording: 

Call recording feature will record all of your customer conversation happening on calls. The importance of the call recording feature is that businesses can access real-time updated conversations from the panel and can review them for training and quality purposes.  

This feature is also beneficial for keeping a check on your team’s performance. It further ensures the quality of customer service because as your business calls are being reviewed, it will empower you to give effective insights and strengthen your customer query response. 

3. Call tracking: 

The best part about availing a virtual mobile number is that it will track all your customer calls. You can track your important customer calls from the particular state you want to make business plans around or track a particular agent’s performance to ensure better customer service experience. 

The data that is being tracked is pretty insightful and prominent in strategizing your upcoming business plans.  

4. Swift customer service:

A virtual mobile number is a full-fledged solution when it comes to providing swift customer service experience. It has all the benefits of cloud telephony you can avail like call tracking, call recording, IVR, live panel to see a full overview of your business communication. 

Therefore, with a virtual mobile number, it is easier for businesses to manage and monitor their entire communication with a hassle-free experience. Virtual mobile number help in swift customer service execution because there are multiple numbers mapped behind a virtual mobile number enabling agents to forward the calls to the right agents or departments.

5. Vanity numbers

Vanity numbers are customized virtual mobile numbers for easy business recall value, they are called vanity number. A virtual mobile number can be customized according to your preference to the level that your customers can remember it easily.

Vanity numbers, in fact, not only reinforce your brand’s identity but also gives your customers the opportunity to reach out to you quickly.

6. Call forwarding:

Cases where businesses have multiple departments based on customer query, forwarding calls quickly to the right person or department, is extremely important. As mentioned earlier, there are multiple numbers mapped behind a virtual mobile number. It, therefore, successfully forwards to the call to the right departments or agents with just an input in the mobile keypad.

To sum it up, there are multiple facilities that the virtual mobile number provides. Features like call tracking, call recording, live call transferring and call forwarding can be availed with virtual mobile number. These features take your business communication to the next level. 

Modern-day communication is definitely incomplete without a virtual mobile number. It not only provides swiftness in addressing customer queries but also allows the end-users to have an easy information access about the product and services.

A virtual mobile number is, therefore, a one-stop solution for your business communication needs that includes the essential benefits of cloud telephony. With a virtual mobile number, it is easier to simplify the business communication process.

Without any doubt, the virtual mobile number helps in accelerating your customer communication process with a simplified customer service experience like never before.

You can avail of all these benefits of a virtual mobile number with less than 30 seconds with MyOperator.   

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