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Success Story – Here’s How Brand Miniso NEVER Misses a Business Call

MyOperator / Blog / Success Story – Here’s How Brand Miniso NEVER Misses a Business Call

MINISO is the clear winner when it comes to an all-in-one lifestyle and fashion store! 

Yes, MINISO, the store which we all love to book a shopping date every now and then. It promotes the idea of the quality of life and, in the spirit of respecting consumers and their needs with excellent quality, competitive price, and innovation.

With simple and attractive high-quality design, most of MINISO’s products are priced quite affordably, which allows them to get significant customer buy-in. And without a doubt, it does attract consumers for its quality of products. If you have ever walked in the store, you will agree with me that their collection is extensive and includes unique home and kitchenware, stationery, office supplies, storage solutions, digital accessories, fashion accessories, skincare items, cosmetics, and whatnot!

But how MINISO has done this and managed to be in tune with the youth? Let’s take a look at the success story of the brand and what went behind it.

Currently, the brand has more than 100 stores located across India and is swiftly expanding its presence by adding more stores to its list.

What were the challenges faced by MINISO?

For a global brand like MINISO, direct communication with customers/potential buyers is highly significant. As a result, having dependable communication tools and high-quality connectivity was a non-negotiable requirement. 

They used to answer customer calls on their cell phones and did not have a designated customer care number. MINISO had no idea about their clients’ on-call experiences because they didn’t track or report on their calls. Because they are now developing and expanding, they understood that this issue needed to be addressed right now.

How has MyOperator helped MINISO to overcome these challenges?

MINISO, a fan of intelligence and modernism, needed an innovative solution for their company’s communication process. Seeing the communication challenges, MyOperator provided them with a complete call management solution that included features like:

  • A centralized virtual number and toll free number for all their stores and business purposes. If you are wondering how to get toll free number, MyOperator can assist you in setting it up for your business needs.
  • IVR Number to direct the call as per the specified matter to the respective person.
  • Additional features like like Call tracking, call recording, and call reporting give them more in-depth insights into their on-call customer interactions.

And within no time, MINISO was able to respond to client inquiries considerably more quickly, and elevate their customer service to the next level, just exactly as they desired. They also observed a significant rise in the number of customers’ calls:

As you can see above 

  • 20% increase in their on-call connect time
  • 10% reduction in the number of missed calls

Let’s hear it out from MINISO!

MINISO and its team didn’t realize what they were missing until MyOperator, one of the best virtual phone number providers, provided them with a complete call management solution. And it’s the reason behind their success and global presence that they listen to their customers and their needs. 

If you are someone who is eyeing a blooming business too, you already know that call management tools like Cloud call center and call center software are the solution It’s important to listen to your customers and this is one of the most essential fundamentals to a successful business. 

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Ashu Chauhan
Ashu is an avid reader and writer, she loves reading books of different genres. She is a fitness freak and also enjoys travelling, dance and music.

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