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MyOperator Achieves Two Consecutive G2 Badges in Q1 2024, Marking Another Victory

MyOperator Won G2 Badges 2024
MyOperator / Blog / MyOperator Achieves Two Consecutive G2 Badges in Q1 2024, Marking Another Victory

The “G2 Momentum Leader” Badge Winner | Spring 2024

After a hattrick win last year, MyOperator wins the “G2 Momentum Leader” for Spring 2024. 

This recognition was achieved due to the exceptional performance in the call center infrastructure category placing it among the top products, as rated by verified platform users.

G2 Momentum Leader

One More Win For MyOperator Call Center Software

The “High Performer” Badge For Spring 2024

After its recent win in the ‘High Performer’ category, this is the second time recognition for MyOperator as a cloud call center platform. . Outranking the other competitors in the industry, this award acknowledges a software platform’s performance in the customer satisfaction matrix. 

High performer G2

MyOperator has achieved this recognition in three different call center infrastructure categories, which includes:

  • India Call Center Infrastructure (CCI)
  • Asia Pacific Call Center Infrastructure (CCI)
  • Asia Call Center Infrastructure (CCI)

Is MyOperator Good: Reasons Why MyOperator Secured These Badges

Now you might be thinking, is MyOperator really good? How did MyOperator earn this trust? The answer is by gaining genuine peer reviews in popular software review platforms like G2, Capterra, etc.

Here’s how MyOperator stands out:

  • Call + WhatsApp solution integrated in one platform.
  • An intuitive, easy-to-monitor dashboard with real-time reports.
  • No-code automation that’s easy to set up.
  • Seamless integration with preferred CRMs.
  • Customised CX solutions based on specific industry use cases.

Previous Honours And Awards

1. Capterra

MyOperator received the renowned “Best Ease of Use Badge” from verified Capterra reviewers in 2023, highlighting its impact as a call-tracking software. This recognition acknowledged MyOperator’s dedication to providing solutions that are easy to use. Additionally, MyOperator earned its place on Capterra with 4.3 out of 5 rating

2. UBS Forums

Distinguished as a “Champion in India’s cloud telephony leader matrix,” MyOperator has won awards from UBS Forums, including “Excellence in Customer Service.” MyOperator has facilitated more than 200 million calls, and continues to transform the way businesses communicate.

3. G2 2024 Winter Report

In the most recent G2 2024 Winter Report, MyOperator received noteworthy recognition by earning not one, but three badges in a row. These three badges are:

  • Users Love Us
  • High Performer Winter 2024
  • Easiest To Use Winter 2024

Thus establishing MyOperator’s reputation as the industry’s best performer and user favourite. 

About MyOperator

MyOperator, India’s leading cloud call center communications provider, trusted by 12,000+ brands. Major brands like Amazon, Myntra, Lenskart, Razorpay, and Big FM rely on MyOperator for their communication needs. MyOperator provides a broad range of solutions to assist enterprises in efficiently managing communication. Some of the tools include cloud contact center solutions, office IVR service, cloud call center software, and toll-free numbers, WhatsApp API, CRM integration, campaign management, and smart mobility solutions.

About G2

G2, a prominent and reliable software marketplace where 90 million users exchange real feedback. G2’s dependability is such that more than 60% of the renowned Forbes Cloud 100 businesses use it. This demonstrates how well G2 works to establish trust with its customers while assisting them in managing their software costs, gaining insightful knowledge, and promoting business growth

Customer Reviews of G2 Badges 2024 Winner – MyOperator

Let’s take a glimpse at some of the reviews of G2 badges 2024 winner:

1. Big FM

“In our journey with MyOperator, the WhatsApp Business API has been a game-changer. MyOperator’s super interactive live panel and simple yet very comprehensive features make managing our WhatsApp marketing strategies a breeze. We leveraged chatbots for enhanced engagement, making outreach seamless and efficient. The direct access to MyOperator’s support and marketing team, ensuring our campaigns run smoothly even with tight turnarounds, has been invaluable.

– Pratanu Mohanty, Head of Revenue Maximisation – Big FM

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2. Aakash Education

“During our peak seasons, where connecting with thousands of students is crucial, MyOperator has played a vital role in streamlining our communication process. The platform’s ability to handle high call volumes efficiently has been invaluable to us. Additionally, the WhatsApp messaging services provided by MyOperator have proven to be very helpful in reaching out to students effectively. I am pleased with the level of support and the continuous improvements made by MyOperator, making our engagement with students smoother and more productive.”

– Farooq Khan, VP of Admission Support, Aakash Education

3. Mango Motors

“I’m really happy with MyOperator solutions. It helped us a lot. Before, we had trouble with after-sales service and emergency calls. But now, with the IVR service, we can talk to our customers anytime, and it’s much better. MyOperator is easy to use, budget-friendly, and the data it provides is super helpful for our business. We’re even thinking of using WhatsApp Business for our future campaigns. MyOperator has been a great help for Mango Motors.”

– Srinivasa R, Manager, Mango Motors

Explore customer reviews on G2 here

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