About Mango Motors Pvt Ltd

Mango Motors Pvt Ltd is a car company specialising in wholesale and retail transactions of new and used passenger vehicles. With a track record of selling 1 lakh+ cars in the past seven years, Mango Motors aims for continuous growth and expansion.

Problem Statement

Before using MyOperator, Mango Motors faced the following challenges:

  • Despite investing in advertisements, they could not track and manage incoming customer enquiries/ calls.
  • They lacked proper call management setup related to sales or customer services.
  • After office hours, there was no one to attend emergency calls.

The Solution:

MyOperator stepped in as the comprehensive solution to Mango Motors' communication challenges. With the adoption of IVR services, they were able to:

  • Track and analyse incoming calls
  • Distinguish between sales, service, and emergency inquiries
  • A single virtual number ensured accessibility to customers even after office hours, improving overall service quality.

As a result Mango Motors improved their campaign ROI tracking to 100% ensuring a strong business growth.

The Mango Motors- MyOperator Success Story

The Results

  • 100% ROI through Organised CX: MyOperator's IVR services provided 100% ROI with their clear and direct connection to sales, improving overall customer experience.
  • Data Tracking and Campaigns: Mango Motors uses information from phone call records and recorded conversations to plan campaigns based on data. This helped them communicate better and quickly solve any issues.
  • Emergency Support: The IVR system allowed Mango Motors to attend to emergency calls, even after office hours, enhancing customer service.

Key Benefits

  • Ease of access
  • User-friendly interface
  • Seamless and hassle-free operation
  • Cost-effective

Customer speaks

I'm really happy with MyOperator solutions. It helped us a lot. Before, we had trouble with after-sales service and emergency calls. But now, with the IVR service, we can talk to our customers anytime, and it's much better. MyOperator is easy to use, budget-friendly, and the data it provides is super helpful for our business. We're even thinking of using WhatsApp Business for our future campaigns. MyOperator has been a great help for Mango Motors.

- Srinivasa R, Manager, Mango Motors

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