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In telecommunications terms, monitoring means keeping track of all the activities of a call center or sales team and ensuring that their performance is continuously noted on the basis of predefined parameters. Monitoring is a fundamental part of the performance evaluation and improvement cycle in call centers and sales departments of any organization. Monitoring of agents can be done by listening to their phone calls, checking their sales pipelines, tracking the customer satisfaction and service reports and many other activities based on the requirements of the organization.

In a traditional organization, for managers to monitor the performance of their employees, they need to stand at their desks one at a time to listen to the ongoing call or they have to go through long and detailed spreadsheets. However in organizations that use cloud based call management system or which have a virtual call center, monitoring becomes easy as managers can easily barge into an ongoing call between their agent and the client without letting either of them know. They can also use the application softwares of their service provider to get detailed reports of the performance of their sales representatives as well as listen to their recorded calls whenever and wherever they want to.

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