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Answer Rate 

Answer rate is a benchmark needed to monitor the performance of a call center. It is measured by the number of calls answered compared to the number of calls received in a business setup. 

Why is answer rate considered to be a key metric in customer service? 

Organizations with higher answer rates are considered to be more efficient in driving customer-centric problems than the ones with low answer rates. You can ensure high answer rates with tools like IVR system, Cloud calling systems with Toll free number, social media live chats and WhatsApp chatbots, etc. 

The key objective is to ensure zero-miss incoming calls coming from customers or prospective customers. If your answer rate is on the lower scale, then it’s a clear indication that you need to revamp your call agent staffing or evaluate your call center’s performance with cloud call center solution on a regular basis to ensure better outcomes. 

Formula for answer rate 

No.of calls answered/No. of calls received

How to get the data for the answer rate? You can easily get access to all your call agents’ status and recordings on a single platform with the help of a call center software. The best part is even small-sized businesses can easily manage such systems on their laptops and phones with cloud-based phone systems like MyOperator.

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