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5 Ways SalezShark CRM – MyOperator Dialer App is Helping SMEs Grow

MyOperator - SalezShark CRM Integration
MyOperator / Blog / 5 Ways SalezShark CRM – MyOperator Dialer App is Helping SMEs Grow

You would never want to settle for a dysfunctional business communication system, irrespective of the size of your organization.

Any-sized corporation continually modernizes and incorporates practical methods to enhance customer service and sales success.

You can kickstart by implementing customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems with your business calling system to maximize customer engagement.. 

You can then prioritize your core set of business goals, and your sales and customer engagement initiatives will become more organized and effective.

The need for customized Customer Relation Management tools for SMEs

There are several reasons why an SME needs CRM tools to enhance their customer experience which eventually reflects in increasing their business growth.

With the aid of CRM software, you can manage marketing campaigns, follow up on customer service concerns, identify sales opportunities, and keep track of customer and prospect contact information all in one convenient location. Additionally, you may make information about each client interaction available to anyone in your company who needs it.

Let’s dive deeper into the CRM and call management integration benefits with a real-world example.  Many SMEs have experienced elevated customer and sales success with SalezShark – MyOperator Dialer App. Let’s find out how: 

About SalezShark 

SalezShark, a CRM software, was created to increase automation for worry-free sales and customer care. The greatest customer-first services will be delivered with less effort as a result your sales and customer support staff will be better equipped to focus on their core set of tasks and not waste their time on unnecessary paperwork. 

About MyOperator Dialer App

MyOperator Dialer App is the first and only mobile app designed to make, record, and track outbound sales and support calls to your customers or prospects — Anytime, anywhere. 

MyOperator dialer can be integrated with Salezshark CRM with an easy No-code integration giving you an integrated CRM-call management solution in one platform. The integration delivers some powerful business benefits for fast-moving sales and customer success organizations.

How SalezShark CRM – MyOperator Dialer App is Helping SMEs grow?

#1. Boost Sales Success

The SalezShark CRM has a number of amazing features that will help you maximize your sales success. 

These features include: 

  • Lead Management: Lead nurturing that works, simple integration, and automatic lead collection are all available.
  • Sales Dashboard: Employs graphs, charts, tables, etc. on the sales dashboard to obtain current business performance metrics.
  • Real-time reports: Obtain reports that are automatically generated and provide immediate information on the success of business calls.
  • Click-to-call: Give your agent the ability to place calls right from the live panel by just entering the phone number and pressing the call button.
  • Income Dashboard: Use the graphs, charts, tables, etc. on the sales dashboard to obtain current business performance metrics.
  • Zero-miss calls: Utilize the MyOperator panel or app to keep track of all missed or lost calls even when you or your team is not present.
  • Built-in IVR: Never leave consumers unattended or in a waiting area. Give 24/7 customer service using MyOperator’s integrated IVR.

#2. Boost Employee Productivity

SalezShark CRM – MyOperator Dialer App boosts staff productivity by automating repetitive tasks and frees up your agents to conduct more important conversations. The click-to-call feature reduces the amount of time spent managing calls by allowing agents to call directly from the CRM with a single click.

#3. Enhance customer satisfaction

By integrating SalezShark CRM with MyOperator cloud telephony solutions, you will be able to give your sales and customer support personnel the resources they need to deliver more individualized customer service. This will demonstrate to your clients that you care about their needs and are prepared to handle any problems they may have.

Your team will spend less time manually locating a client’s contact information and other facts using SalezShark CRM, and MyOperator will make sure that your clients can reach you at all times. When a consumer calls the toll-free number your company offers to speak with you, a wealth of information about that customer is available right away.

 #4. More Accurate Data Analysis

SalezShark is one of the best CRMs for sales. By carefully examining the analytics and the publicly available data, customer desires can be recognised. Using the combined data from MyOperator and SalezShark, the CRM cloud telephony will make a number of data-related tasks easier and more effective, such as using records for business and rep training, monitoring and recording calls, and entering all necessary data into CRM during calls.

At SalezShark’s workstation, all call logs produced by MyOperator would be immediately available. Business executives will find it simpler to gain insights for better decision-making when comprehensive analytics and consumer data are available.

#5. Track call performance with live reports

Business analytics is used in CRM and cloud telephony in different ways. Both the use case and the kind of information involved are crucial here. You may get real-time information on incoming and outgoing calls, call duration, client hold times, call frequency, agent talk times, and much more on your MyOperator Dialer app dashboard.

You will receive all the information on your customers captured automatically from SalezShark CRM, including their current position in the sales funnel, any issues they may have had in the past, and other specifics. 

Besides the above-mentioned, there are several other benefits that  SalezShark CRM – MyOperator Dialer App has got to offer your business.

Customer speaks

“The SalezShark CRM’s integration with MyOperator genuinely assisted us in organizing our calls, recording them, and listening to them all! The user interface has been thoughtfully crafted and is quick to respond. MyOperator’s simple and automated call handling method helped us in overcoming difficulties such as call latency, excessive call prices, network congestion, and technical faults that cause a negative impact on business revenue and team efficiency.” – AAJ Enterprises

All set to simplify your sales and customer service initiatives? 

Set up a free demo and book your CRM and call management integration today.

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