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Dos and Don’ts of Customer Service

Dos and don'ts of customer service
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Customer service has gone over the top in the last few years. All businesses try to serve their customers in the best possible way. Some provide huge discounts on their services while others are rigorously working for customer satisfaction and their grievances. But while leveling up customer satisfaction businesses are forgetting the fundamentals of customer services. Give your customer the best but do not forget what’s right and wrong. Given below are a few dos and don’ts of customer service which you should keep in mind for customer service. 


1. Respect is Everything 

This is the most important point of dos and don’ts of customer service. Any relationship stands on the bedrock of respect. If you respect your customers they will respect you back. One of the most important do’s of customer service is to convey to your customers that they are important and valued by your business. You need to build the foundation of your bond with your customer on mutual respect or else it won’t last. 

2. Be accountable and take responsibility

Customer support requires that you take up liability for any issues faced by clients or negative input given by them about the services. Since customer support is the essence of the organization and customers’ first place to reach out. Therefore, you should not spare a moment to concede blame and apologize to a client in the interest of your business, regardless of the situation. Recognize the issue and put forth a valiant effort to ensure it sorts out as fast and easily as could really be expected by the customer. 

3. Truth conquers all

Honesty is the policy you need to abide by if you want to do right by your customers. Nothing breaks the faith of your customers in you than fake promises. You need to be honest with your customers about what you can offer them. One way of showing good faith is by keeping your return and refund policies crystal clear rather than ambiguous. Secondly, if you promise something make sure you deliver it to them or you shouldn’t promise in the first place. 

4. Empathy goes a long way

Being considerate towards your customers and understanding their situation is one of the best ways to help your customers give a great experience. You need to understand what your customer is going through when they call you with their grievances. By putting yourself in their shoes you will be able to help them better. 


1. Do not ignore customer reviews and feedback

Do for forget that what you are doing is for your customers only. You must listen to your customers attentively as they clearly tell you what they need. Always have an open mind and listen to the suggestions given carefully as they will help you only in providing better service to your customers. Later, put those suggestions to use if possible as this will show that you really care about your customers and make them feel heard and valued. 

2. Don’t try to get rid of the customer

Do not treat your customer like a task that needs to be just done. You need to be understanding and empathetic towards your customers. Do not rush to give your response to them before listening to the whole issue. Even if you already have the solution, you must wait for them to finish and then provide solutions. Rushing to get done with a customer can be offensive and sometimes might hurt a customer’s feelings. You need to be careful with what you say and how you respond as the way you deal with a customer is what establishes your business’s reputation. 

These crucial dos and don’ts of customer service will ramp up your customer support game. They will not only assist you in solving a customer case easily but also help you keep the fundamentals of customer service in check. Do not forget that customer is a kind who needs service 24*7 and you must be available for them all the time. Apart from dos and don’ts of customer service, your ultimate aim should be to treat your customers well especially when they are expressing their grievances.

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