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Here’s why Healthcare is using Cloud Communication for Customer Service

Healthcare is using Cloud Communication for Customer Service
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We have seen how the COVID-19 crises have disturbed the whole healthcare industry. The healthcare sector has seen several challenges and an unprecedented influx of patients especially during the time of COVID-19. All these things have given rise to technological problems where people are unable to contact doctors, hospitals, not getting the appointment on time, unaware about the availability of medicines, and whatnot. Both doctors and patients have seen several challenges and have faced a tough time.

However, doctors and healthcare professionals are giving consultations over phone calls but not everyone is getting the treatment, prescription and consultation at the right time. But cloud communication provides feasible solutions so that medical services or treatment becomes convenient and safe, patients get the consultation and prescription on time and hassle-free.

So, let’s look at how does cloud communication extends its support to healthcare professionals:

Scheduling appointments

Cloud communication enhances the process of scheduling appointments, the innovative tools help to keep a track of patient caller profiles, new vs. existing, billing vs. clinical. Whenever a patient calls to schedule an appointment, it automatically routes the call to the appropriate facility representative. With the use of Cloud technology, all communication can be made through one platform. Voice and video calls, instant messaging, webchat, patient portals enable healthcare providers to connect with patients through a single platform.


Healthcare information must be kept private. Because of the abundance of data held by this domain, it attracts malicious actors, resulting in security and data breaches. The cloud network ensures security by utilising specific security tools that can alert you to suspicious attempts.The cloud network ensures security by utilizing specific security tools that can alert you to suspicious attempts. Furthermore, when it comes to healthcare at home, ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive patient information is of utmost importance. Insurance for home health care not only addresses the health and well-being of patients but also offers safeguards for the privacy and security of their healthcare data, providing comprehensive protection in an increasingly interconnected digital healthcare landscape.

Physicians who kept reams of patient records in filing cabinets faced a significant risk of data theft or damage. Paper records are easily misplaced or stolen, and they can be destroyed in the event of a flood, fire, or another natural disaster. Patient safety was jeopardised due to the lack of security surrounding these documents.

Offers flexibility and scales easily

Aside from the immediate cost savings associated with using cloud storage over on-premises data storage, organisations benefit in the long run from easier upgrades and lower scaling costs. Healthcare cloud storage solution companies leverage economies of scale to minimise data management expenses for their clients, which include hospitals and healthcare institutions. Because of the traditional pay-as-you-go pricing structure connected with data storage, cloud computing in healthcare also gives additional flexibility. It only takes a phone call to your service provider to boost your data storage capacity to the levels you demand using cloud-based solutions.

Cloud-based healthcare solutions are fully scalable and can grow in tandem with your business.

Cloud communication in healthcare helps in automated feedback

Maintaining a positive relationship with patients is critical for a healthcare facility. Giving the patient a sense of belonging will keep him from looking for other doctors or healthcare deals in the market. This is where getting first-hand feedback from your patients comes in handy.

With cloud communication in healthcare, it is simple to obtain feedback from the patients following each visit. You may set up an automatic campaign that collects input from your patients via phone calls and SMS, and categorises it on your dashboard. After collecting feedback, you can use more adbanced applications like healthcare data mining to access how effective are your healthcare services and treatments to patients.

Up to date patients record

A typical healthcare facility is also in charge of tracking a patient’s progress and medication on an ongoing basis. This includes keeping track of the medications prescribed, the tests performed, the results, and the patient’s progress. Manually doing so will not only increase the likelihood of an error but will also be time-consuming for the agents.

You can set up an automated reminder call to the patient just 30 minutes before the appointment time by using cloud communication for hospitals/clinics. This gives them time to prepare for the same or to notify you if they need to cancel, allowing you to offer the slot to another customer.

The same can be said for sample submission and report collection, where the patient can be reminded via email.

Bottom line

The patient is your customer and no matter what, customer experience matters. When we talk about providing customer service you need to offer, the rules remain the same. 

The cloud telephony software is not only available to large-scale healthcare providers but small and mid-sized clinics, labs, and individual doctors can all benefit from the solution to amp up their healthcare communication.

MyOperator’s cloud telephony solution is extensible and can be quickly integrated into existing systems. It’s time to offer your customers the experience they deserve!

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