About CaratLane

CaratLane is India’s largest omni-channel jewelry brand. Started in 2008, Caratlane is known for its range of wearable jewelry for the modern woman. CaratLane has over 123 retail stores across 40+ Indian cities.The company is backed by the Tata Group.

Problem Statement

Customer experience and CSAT are key metrics for a premium retail brand. This is the reason why customer calls are tracked and audited so meticulously.

But CaratLane faced a problem here.

  • They were not able to track the number of customer calls made by their store managers.
  • They did not have a unified dashboard to check the status or rating of feedback calls made by the store people.

The Solution

MyOperator worked with CaratLane to deploy the MyOperator dialer app for in-store executives. The MyOperator Dialer App is a call management app that lets your field force call customers directly through the app. The dialer app syncs with the central call management dashboard to give the company a unified view of all calls made by your sales/ customer-service agents. The dialer app is used by companies including Razorpay, Apollo, Caratlane, Coal Barbecues to enable and track their remote sales and service teams.

The Dialer App rollout solved 2 major problems:

  1. CaratLane now has an integrated dashboard to track the calls made by store person/day,
  2. They are also able to audit the calls in terms of quality by doing routine checks on call recordings

The Outcome

  • Customer feedback collection improved by 80%
  • CSAT/ NPS improved by 40% after rolling out the dialer app for all its in-store executives/ managers.

Customer speaks

“The MyOperator dialer app solved a key business problem for CaratLane - of tracking and auditing customer calls made by our on-store executives. We improved customer satisfaction and net promoter score by 40% after using this solution. Easy to use app and great support from MyOperator.”

- Aditya Nambyar, Product Manager, CaratLane

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