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What is a virtual number?

What is a virtual number?

A virtual number is a phone number that is not connected to any specific device like traditional telephones or mobiles where you have to buy a sim card for a number. Through this number, calls can be received on any device anywhere.

Route all business calls to one or several phones with a virtual number.

Maintain a professional brand image.

Always attend to the need of your agents without having to carry a specific device around.

Now your productivity can be on the move.

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Give better and superior client services.


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What will virtual number for business do for you?

Work from anywhere, anytime

Work from anywhere, anytime

Are you tired of working on the same desk having to address all the calls in one place? If yes a virtual business number will solve your problem. You may work from anywhere with a virtual number system. There's no need to wait for that essential phone call or fax at your desk. Calls are transmitted to your mobile phone immediately; voicemails are delivered as an MP3 or text to your inbox, and faxes are transferred as PDF attachments to your e-mail. This unrivaled flexibility enables you to make sales and support calls or meet with vendors while remaining connected to all your customers.

Builds perfect and professional brand image

Builds perfect and professional brand image

Small firms and start-up companies can be chaotic. You don't want your customers to realize that your business processes aren't always perfect. Virtual number is ideal for entrepreneurs working from non-traditional office places because it projects a professional image regardless of whether you're at a desk or at the kitchen table. Virtual numbers, especially for small firms, can considerably improve their profile. Separate virtual numbers for different departments or functions, even though they all end up in the same place, will make the organization appear larger than it is, boosting the organization's image.

Cut down costs

Cut down costs

Toll-free Internet lines can be used to route regional and worldwide calls to virtual numbers within the organization. Internal or incoming client calls may appear to be dialing a local number, but the call is actually answered on the other side of the globe at no additional expense to the company. Individuals can be reached at little or no cost, anywhere, at any time, on a multitude of devices. Virtual phone numbers work on desktop phones, mobile phones, and smartphones. This eliminates the need to purchase new telephone systems and handsets in order to introduce new features and services. Now reduce your geographical bounds while also saving money!

Better security

Better security

Call costs can be kept under tight control by using virtual numbers in conjunction with call logging. An organization can quickly know who called when, where, and for how much time. Setting call limitations for numbers can improve security while also saving money. Users cannot make illegal calls, especially to expensive regional and international PSTN numbers, when a security profile is associated with a virtual number rather than a physical device. On the same smartphone, you may also segregate professional and personal calls. The Virtual Number forwards business calls to the device. If caller ID is enabled, the phone will be able to distinguish between business and personal calls. Contacts and other information can be split by business and personal categories in some VoIP solutions and smartphone apps.

Features of Virtual number

Live call transfer

Now transfer live calls without disconnecting your caller and offer better service to your clients.

Call masking

Make sure that the privacy of both your callers and your agents by using call masking to hide their numbers.

Call routing

Use call routing with your virtual number to smartly route calls to your agents using IVR.

Call recording

Record all incoming and outgoing calls on your virtual number and utilize them for training your agents.

Remote teams

Our virtual number does not require any physical setup as it is hosted on the cloud and is completely online.

Live panel

Use out live panel dashboard to have real-time reports of all the calls on your virtual number.

Welcome greetings

Make your customers’ experience delightful by using customized greetings for every call.

Call reports

Get detailed daily, weekly, and monthly call reports of all the incoming and outgoing calls.

Call queue

Smart call queue feature and reduce the on-hold time of callers by routing calls to available agents.

Multi-level IVR

Make your call management easier and more advanced with Multi-level IVR.

CRM integration

Use our CRM integration to easily access all your contacts with virtual number.

On hold music

Keep your callers tagged to the calls using the on-hold music.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer all your questions regarding the virtual number and how it can help your business. If you have some other questions, visit our support center.

Where can I find a virtual number provider in Delhi?
MyOperator is one of the best virtual number providers in Delhi. You can get a virtual number for your business anytime by signing up or calling MyOperator at +91 92129 92129. You can also get a demo of the same for free.
A virtual number is a way to change the dynamics of your business. With the help of a virtual number, you can take up customer calls anywhere without carrying a specific device, calls can be redirected on different devices. Furthermore, it is also cost-efficient.
No, a physical set-up or wiring system is not required in the installation of a virtual number. A virtual number is very different from a traditional wired telephony system or sim cards. This also helps you in setting up remote teams.
You can get a demo of a virtual number for your business from MyOperator. To book your demo, you can sign up online or call on +91 92129 92129. You can also get a free 3-day trial of the virtual number with your MyOperator demo account.
If you are looking forward to knowing about the virtual numbers for your business then for any more questions regarding virtual numbers please visit MyOperator’s support center or call our team at +91 91212992129.