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How to convert your callers into customers

How to convert your callers into customers
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Who doesn’t want to own a stupendous number of customers for their business? Business is all about customers taking care of the existing ones and simultaneously finding new ones. Either of these tasks isn’t easy but they are very crucial and no one can afford to ignore their importance. 

A business owner knows how important it is to give your customers a friction-free experience from your business. From calling to buying a product, the whole process needs to be smooth and streamlined. You make one mistake and duh! you lose a customer. 

“The first impression is the last impression”. I am sure you must have heard it over a hundred times at least but have you ever wondered how true it holds for your business? If you haven’t, it’s time you do it now. The first impression is indeed the last, especially for a business. The calling experience of a caller or a probable customer is the first impression of your business. It will determine if you will convert that caller into a customer or not. Following are the few ways you can use to convert callers into customers: 

Build your reputation

The tone is handily passed on through the telephone, so grin while you pick up a call! It might sound weird but this will help you to have a positive approach before picking up a call. It is also a way of putting yourself in your caller’s shoes. Because would you like to work with somebody energetic and enthusiastic or somebody who sounds unenthused while they converse with you? 

Another simple method to assemble affinity is to rehash the guest’s name all through the call. At the point when you pick up the call, try to snatch the client’s name and use it as often as possible to give a more personalized experience to your caller.

Invite the caller for a cuppa! 

There is no better way to finalize a deal than doing it over a cup of tea or coffee. Always, always invite your enquiring caller for further meetings and appointments. Make them feel special and let your actions portray that they are important for your business. Try not to let a client hang up without making an appointment. 

Pay attention to your customer and what they need and invite them further keeping these things in mind. If you do not have a physical workplace where you can invite the client make sure you do set up virtual meetings. I am sure your caller would be flattered with your efforts to make time for them and probably end up becoming your client. 

The above-given tips are secondary. What’s primary is to have an advanced call management system that will help you reach the step of building your brand’s reputation. 

Do not underestimate the importance of having a call management system for your business. This software helps give a rich calling experience to your callers, leaves an incredible impression, and makes them want to do business with you. To enhance your communication further, consider incorporating a toll-free number for easy and cost-free access.

There are many other technologies that you must utilize for your business to give an over-the-top calling experience to your callers. Following are the technologies that will help you convert all your callers into customers in no time: 

Route callers to the right agent and department 

If you want to land a caller as your customer you need to assign them to the right agent. The right agent is someone who will take care of the caller’s all needs, give perfect answers to all their questions, and eventually convince them to do business with you. But how do you do that? 

How do you know what a caller is looking for from your business? You are about to find out the right technology right now. 

Go for IVR 

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. This technology uses the combination of voice response and dial pad inputs from your caller to know their requirements. For instance, a customer calls your business and wants to reach out to your support team. Now if you have IVR technology whenever they will call they will hear preset messages or questions. These messages are like- ‘Press 1 for the sales team, Press 2 for the support team, Press 3 for other inquiries’, and so on. Your customer will press 2 in their dial pad and the line will directly be connected to the support department without bothering anyone else. 

However, if you do not have IVR technology you would never know what your customer needs, and your customer wouldn’t be transferred to the right agent in time. This situation can annoy your customers as they will have to wait for their calls to be routed to the right agent and you do not want to do that. 

This is not just because IVR has many other benefits to it. This is a highly customized software and you can incorporate many other call features into it. Here are a few benefits of Interactive Voice response that will prove why you should utilize it for your business to convert callers into customers: 

  • You can customize pre-recorded messages as per your business requirements.
  • MyOperator’s IVR system is hosted on the cloud so you do not need to worry about infrastructural costs and can take up your business remotely. 
  • It helps in cutting costs and saves loads of money in the long run. Moreover, it is very affordable itself.
  • You can have a multi-level IVR system for your business to facilitate your callers and incorporate all the possible inquiries they might have. 
  • You never miss a call and lose a customer. 
  • Facilitates your callers better by saving their time and giving them a smooth calling experience. Eventually, making them your customer. 
  • It is a very flexible software that never gets outdated. It can be updated every time a new technological advancement is introduced. 
  • Finally, improves lead conversion and customer retention. 

Reduce on-hold time of your callers

Everyone hates to wait, especially for their calls to be picked up. I am sure you do not want to take any chance when it comes to your customers and the service delivered to them. 

Then why make them wait in long call queues? Why agitate them by putting them on hold for several minutes? Utilize the right technology, level up your customer services, and give your customers what they deserve. 

Use MyOperator’s CALL QUEUE feature to reduce the on-hold time of your customers. This feature smartly assigns calls to the available agents thus, reducing the time on hold time of your callers and eventually reducing the call abandonment rate. A reduced call abandonment rate means more potential customer calls and thus, more leads. The call queue feature helps you to bring in quality customers and better business.  

Monitor all your business calls to detect and resolve any issues 

We have been talking about it since the beginning that calling experience will determine if your caller will become your customer or not. To know about your customer’s kind of calling experience, you need to monitor and supervise. 

You need to see what practices your agents are following and if you need to continue them or bring in any change. Furthermore, it is important to regularly monitor your business calls to ensure no discrepancy in your call management software. 

Given below are a few Softwares/features of a call management system that you can utilize to monitor the call activities of your business. 

Enhance your agent’s performance 

As a business owner, you must use call recordings and transcriptions to keep a check on your agent’s performance and how it determines the lead conversion ratio. A call recording software helps you in keeping an eye on your agent’s performance secretly. They let you look over them without their knowledge. This obliges them to give their best all the time. Given below are a few ways how a call monitoring software helps your business to convert callers into customers: 

  • Get an insight into what your customers need and make efforts to provide them as per their needs. 
  • Give feedback to your agents and help them improve their skills. The more skilled your employees are the better service they will be able to provide to your callers. 
  • Knowing the current market trends and customer requirements. 
  • Train your new employees better to provide top-notch customer service. 
  • Helps you to improve the overall customer service that helps in the long run to retain more customers. 


If you want to convert callers into customers you not only need to do the hard work but also smart work. Good [persona and interpersonal skills are indeed indispensable but they alone do not help you fetch new clients. Having the appropriate technology for your business and your customers is equally important. An effective call management system and IVR solution can make your business reliable and your services available to your customers at all times. 

Every caller wants to do business with a brand that not only promises to deliver quality goods but also quality customer support. The calling experience of your callers determines the kind of support you offer to your customers. Make sure it’s worthy of your caller’s time. 

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