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Best Call Recording Software For Business [Tested With 7K+ Businesses]

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Have you ever thought, “I think the discussion would have ended better if I had said this instead of that” or maybe you wanted to record a call that you nailed? In either case, call recording can help you. 

Call recording software for business isn’t a new concept but using them successfully on the other hand is another story. How? With innovative and benefit-dripping software, that’s how.

There are plenty of uses of call recording software, from training the agents to keeping a record to improve customer service. For sales and customer service teams, call recording software for business is required. In addition to quality assurance, these technologies may be used to check compliance and validate consumer permission prior to invoicing a credit card. Call recording is also used by managers to monitor how their agents perform and handle customer or prospect phone calls. 

I know you must be wondering who can provide the best call recording software for your business? We have brought you the best call recording software provider in India, yes you heard it right. 

MyOperator is the best and the leading provider of cloud-based services and call recording software in India and across the Globe. Currently, it is serving 7000+ customers across different countries for efficient and smooth call management. To name a few prominent brands MyOperator is serving are, Lenskart, Makemytrip, Samsung, Snapdeal, Barbeque Nation, and many more like these. 

Sales are the heart of every organization and remember if your sales thrive, your brand thrives. So the ultimate motto of MyOperator is to make your brand and sales thrive by providing the best call management and call recording software for business along with other essential features like IVR solutions, Virtual phone numbers, Toll-free numbers, Call reports, and more.

How MyOperator works for you and your business

Best Call Recording Software For Business- MyOperator

Customer calls you

Your centralized business number is dialed by callers.

MyOperator handles calls for your business

IVR is played, and the caller is asked to pick a department and extension.

But how does it work?

For sales – press 1

To get help – press 2

Forwards the call

  • It then transfers the call to the appropriate department or agent.
  • It also records & tracks calls and gives an option for voicemail if a call is missed.

After call features

  • Callers can dial your centralised business number.
  • You get SMS notification for calls and detailed call reports

How MyOperator creates the best calling experience for your customers

Voice Greeting

Save your prospects from the tedious ringing by greeting them with a personalized audio greeting when they call to connect with your company.

Free connectivity

Allow your potential customers to contact your company for free by dialing your brand’s toll-free number.

Rapid resolution

Assign each department a keypad extension and allow callers to connect straight to their desired department by pressing 1 or 2.

Improved service

Inform your callers that agents are unavailable, make it easy for them to leave a voicemail, and save them the trouble of having to contact you repeatedly. 

Record and safely store your customer calls with MyOperator Call Recording Software

Keep an eye on your team’s performance

With call recording software your customer calls can be recorded to aid in effective analysis of your agents’ on-call performance. Listen to their recorded conversation and how they engage with consumers over the phone.

To improve your customer contacting experience, identify areas for improvement and implement significant adjustments. By listening to your clients’ needs, call recording can also help you better understand them.

Save data for infinite time

Your conversations with customers are stored in real-time and saved to the cloud automatically. These recordings are easily accessible on the panel and may be downloaded. You may also look for earlier recordings by searching for the customer’s phone number or by date. These recordings can be trusted for future dispute resolution and staff training. 

Benefits of Call Recording Software 

Quality control

Keep an eye on how your agents engage with consumers over the phone and make any adjustments.

Key Insights

Listening to your callers’ discussions will help you better understand their expectations and requirements.

Impactful training

By demonstrating recorded interactions, you may prepare your agents for the anticipated method of interacting with clients.

Evidence in the future

Listen to the recorded calls and precise dialogues to resolve customer issues.

Satisfied customers

Get insights from recorded calls to better understand your clients’ needs and fulfill them.

Regulatory compliance

Using call recording, you may guarantee that your company complies with all relevant regulatory requirements.

Let’s look at some of the success stories


Sodexo is the world’s leading provider of services that promotes quality of life, a critical component in individual and corporate success. Sodexo serves 100 million customers every day with its unique blend of services, benefits, rewards, and home services. 

Sodexo was experiencing a high call volume in spite of having 48,000+ employees. They even had a Toll free number but still, their HR team got overburdened with high call volume. 

Because there was a trend of repeat inquiries or similar query types, the large volume of calls per day was affecting productivity and service delivery.

So considering the above problem, MyOperator provided them with a complete solution that included multi-level IVR, virtual numbers, a comprehensive panel for call monitoring, and extensive API integration with their HR software. 

And within a few days of providing the solution, Sodexo experienced ecstatic growth:

  • 3X faster response time for their employee inquiries.
  • 80% reduction in manual call handling of their HR team.

And Here’s what Sodexo has to say!!

This distinctive solution provided by MyOperator has majorly brought productivity improvement to the HR team and allows them to effectively manage their routine tasks. The result has surpassed our expectations and the system has significantly assisted us in bringing the required ease for our employees.


Magicpin links consumers with local shops across categories such as restaurants, fashion, cosmetics, grocery, and others, Magicpin has become a well-known name in the hyperlocal industry. Vendors have also found it beneficial to connect out to their relevant consumers, showcase their distinctiveness, or promote their offerings. The company has been steadily growing and expanding, with more than 5 million users across the country. 

Magicpin has millions of customers and tens of thousands of suppliers. Most vendors choose to use the phone to ask their questions, which might be about their voucher payment status, the past five transactions, account information, or anything else. As a consequence, each agent used to receive between 150 and 200 calls each day. 

What Magicpin was actually facing? All of their vendor’s calls used to go to the PRI number with their agents’ phone numbers mapped behind it. However, the caller was unable to talk directly with the person in control, and the call had to be manually moved from one employee to another based on their needs. 

Seeing the challenges faced by Magicpin, MyOperator provided them with a full-fledged cloud telephony solution. With the IVR and API connections, the solution allowed them to significantly automate their call handling process. All of the likely questions have now been added to their IVR menu. When the caller picks an option, an automated voice provides them with the necessary information. 

The solution provided by MyOperator proved to be beneficial for them:

  • 2X employee productivity and efficiency.
  • 70% reduction in calls which are manually handled by agents.

Listen from Magicpin itself:

“Collaboration with MyOperator has been an amazing experience for our entire business as it has automated one of the most tedious processes of our system. This leading cloud telephony product has delivered added benefits to our business in terms of strengthening vendor experience and employee convenience”.

What customers frequently ask?

How long are these recordings kept?

These recordings are stored on the panel for an indefinite period of time. These are accessible at any moment in the future.

Is the security of my recorded calls guaranteed?

MyOperator respects the confidentiality of your business information. The recordings are uploaded to the cloud in a safe manner and are secured by impenetrable security measures.

Is it possible to obtain the call recordings?

Yes absolutely, the recordings can be downloaded directly from the panel. You may also share them with others for training and other purposes.

Is it necessary for me to pay more for call recording?

No, the call recording function is included in the complete MyOperator subscription, so you won’t have to pay extra to utilize it.

What’s the best way to look up old recordings?

All of the recordings are accessible through the MyOperator panel. Simply look up the phone number and listen to the tape right away.

How do you get started with MyOperator?

Best Call Recording Software For Business- MyOperator

The Bottom Line

In the realm of corporate communication, call recording software has become a must-have. Screen recordings, call tracking, and customer insights will all be included in more complex call recording software. To access features that go beyond call recording, choose an all-in-one business phone system.

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