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Let’s consider these three different scenarios before channelizing why and how automated call recording is essential.

#1st. Scenario:

Let’s assume you are a business owner and usually you receive a high volume of calls from your customers. You have received an inquiry regarding your product, and you addressed the query as well. But while following up on the same call, you couldn’t recall what exactly your customer has conveyed during the call.

#2nd Scenario:

You are the owner of a call center. Due to the high number of calls, keeping a tab on recurrent customer queries is quite difficult. There are certain conversations that you want to re-listen but can’t and therefore, you are not able to keep a record of the meaningful points that can be essential for your product in terms of quality check.   

#3rd Scenario:

Now, let’s suppose you are a restaurant owner. You ran a campaign that bought you a high volume of customer calls from different parts of the country. There was a specific call regarding a customized order. But while processing further the order request, you totally forgot what exactly your customer mentioned during the call.  

As you have seen that how in these three scenarios, there is one basic yet essential feature missing: Call Recordings of the customer conversation.

What is automated Call Recording?

Calls recording software for business is enabled by the software that records your ongoing call-conversations. The software can be Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or Cloud Telephony.  Automated Call recording software for business, therefore, is the outcome of cloud telephony. Businesses can utilize cloud services for facilities like call recording, tracking, and data mining. 

Certainly, at times it is extremely important for businesses to incorporate cloud-based automated call recording in their business communication

How automated Call Recording works?

As mentioned, call recording is enabled by software such as PSTN or cloud telephony. MyOperator cloud telephony solution enables users to record and review customer communication by simply using the live panel. 

This is a detailed demonstration of how MyOperator Call recording works. 

How it works

Here is a detailed demonstration of how to access your call recordings using MyOperator live dashboard.

Alternative Text

How to access MyOperator Call Recording feature?

Accessing call recording feature is easy with the MyOpeator call management solution. This is a by default enabled feature. Hence, you don’t have to enable this feature separately. For accessing your call recordings, you can simply log in to your MyOperator live panel and can listen and download multiple call recordings.

Step:1 Log-in to MyOperator panel.

Step:2 Go to MyOperator call logs.

Step:3 in this tab, there are user numbers and recordings in line. 

Step:4 Press the play button.  

Through this process, you can easily navigate between multiple customer recordings and can channelize your business communication accordingly. 

Why Call Recording is important?

Here are some key-points why call recording software for business is the need of the hour:

  • Record your vital conversations on the go. 
  • Re-listen and analyze important conversations.
  • Eliminate the manual task of making notes.
  • Review what exactly are the requirements of your customers.
  • Analyze your customer communication for constructive feedback. 
  • Follow-ups with a better understanding of customer requirements.
  • Review the quality of business communication. 

Call recording software for business enables swift automated call recording for your customers.  Recording your customer conversations can be a vital feature for your business, especially when there are a high number of calls. For instance, businesses tend to miss important calls due to the high number of calls from different geographical locations. It is utterly difficult to manage these calls manually on a daily basis. For better understanding, here are the different types of automated call recording for business:

Types of automated call recording:


As the name suggests, hardware-enabled automated call recording is powered by the pre-installed hardware. This is more of a traditional way of recording calls.


Software enabled call recording is hosted by the in house software. Businesses have to in-line all in house hardware and software to record important calls.


In cloud-based call recording, every single call is recorded and stored with the help of cloud-based technology. So, basically, with cloud-based automated call recording, users can utilize all the facts of cloud telephony. 

How MyOperator automated Call Recording feature is different?

Cloud-based recording:

Unlike the traditionally installed call recording methods, in cloud-based call recording, data is usually stored on the cloud and hence it is more prompt and secure in comparison with the traditional counterpart of the call recording system. 

Data protection:

Data protection is one of the major benefits that we as users can utilize with cloud telephony. With the cloud, data can be stored on the cloud securely. It is a more swift, easy and less tedious process. 

User-friendly live panel:

With MyOperator live panel, users can easily re-listen the calls by searching the specific number. With this facility, quality checks become easier for businesses. This further helps in making company policies according to user demands.  

Farewell to bulky hardware:

The best part about cloud-enabled call recording is that it doesn’t require a traditionally installed hardware method where users have to pre-install hardware and maintain it’s extra costs. 

Less tedious, more effective:

With MyOperator live panel, users can easily navigate between different recordings without any tedious and manual efforts. It is even more effective when users can get an overview of their business communication. 

Unlimited downloads:

With the call recording software for business, users can easily download multiple recordings which are important in re-listening and utilizing them for future purposes.

Real-time quality monitoring:

With call recording software for business, you can easily record your ongoing customer conversations and utilize them in monitoring the quality of the conversations. 

Device Mobility:

Users can access call recording on any device they want. This, therefore, enables end-users to navigate through the recording without any device restriction. Thus, this feature is beneficial for users in accessing recordings across all the different devices. 

What is the cost of automated call recordings?

Automated call recording software for business is an in-built feature of MyOperator call management solution. You can also consider customized price plans available. Users can select any plan that goes with their business requirements. 

Want to try the automated call-recording solution for business today?

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