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How your business departments can Work from home during Lockdown

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Before 4-5 years from now, work from home was seen as a customer service position with an underpaid salary. But with the evolving trends and current lockdown situation, it has become a necessity for most businesses. Thanks to the assisting technology, which has made us capable of doing the same job from any geographical location. People all over the world today are trying to adapt to this emerging concept of work from home during lockdown and getting accustomed to the technology that could help them do the needful. 

Indeed, not everyone is familiar with working from home and will take time to digest the processes and requisites. For business heads too, having a fully functional remote team can certainly be a challenge, but let’s just say we don’t have many options left.

Since remote working seems to be the perfect arrangement at present for many teams and organizations, it’s the right time that we handle the work from home related challenges and overcome them. 

As per a study, employees are more productive as they work from home than they are in official workspace. So, why not utilize this efficiency of employees by facilitating them to work from home during Lockdown.

Here’s an article on this exact subject of how you can ask your teams from different departments to work from home effectively amidst this crisis:

Effective Remote call handling by Sales Team

Starting a new work from home gig, be it a contract project or a full-time job, can be a little intimidating if you’re used to going to the office every day. Sales professionals might think of this lockdown time as a shutdown on their prospects and closures, but this so isn’t true.

As MyOperator sales team is fully functional at this time, we have realized that our call pick-up ratio has increased from usual. Our prospects now have time to listen in detail about the products and services. We have even managed to close March 2020 on a pretty decent sales revenue.

One advice here to all the sales professionals would be that don’t try to just sell your product, rather empathize with your client. Make them understand your product and also understand their current situation. If you think your product might not be of use for your clients until lockdown, don’t force sell and facilitate them to make the final purchase afterwards.

At this point of Lockdown, Sales Professionals should focus more on relationship building than sales closure.

As I previously mentioned, MyOperator Sales Team is fully functional and is working from home. We ourselves use MyOperator Solution to enable our Sales executives to attend and make calls from their home:

1. Calls landing on our IVR number route directly to our agents’ mobile phones. 

2. Our team leads regularly supervise their agents’ on-call performance with the detailed call reports.

3. Our quality assessment team ensures professional conduct of our teams basis the call recordings.

4. Whenever required, our agents can transfer the call to their manager within seconds.

The best part is, our customers’ on-call experience isn’t compromised at all. Everything happens at the back-end, instantly.

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Consistent availability by Customer Support Team

We truly believe that no matter what the situation is, businesses shouldn’t compromise on their customer service. This is a tough situation and businesses shouldn’t take a step back from delivering help to their customers whenever required.

Considering the present Lockdown scenario, Customer support professionals can implement strategies for faster resolution of queries raised by their clients. Online chat support, ticket raising, email assistance all these platforms should be streamlined to assure best possible customer support even when the teams are working from home.

Regarding the streamlining of customer calls, this can be handled well by MyOperator cloud-based solution:

1. The IVR will route the calls to the concerned team as per the query selected by the customer in the IVR menu. This will eliminate the need to transfer calls manually from one agent to another.

2. Team leads can assure a professional service to the customers by timely supervising and improvising on how the customer support managers are communicating with customers basis the call recordings.

3. In case the CS managers aren’t available to take the call, customer can simply leave a voicemail message of their query, and the concerned executive can connect with them later.

We understand that this is a challenging time for businesses, but your customers don’t have to know that. When you claimed of delivering professional customer service, now is the time to stand up to your words.

Simplified and eased operations for the HR team 

With the current COVID-19 lockdown situation, many companies around the world are switching to remote work. Today, more companies than ever are in need to learn how to operate virtually. Needless to say, amidst this situation, HR teams hold a very important role. 

Given this new reality of a modern, physically disconnected workforce, handling and managing them would indeed have its hiccups. Here, how HR ensures trust and smooth working between geographically located employees is something to think upon.

1. If you are hiring during Lockdown, you must remember that having a remote workforce makes the interview and the selection process much more important. You’ll have to ensure that the potential candidates are told upfront about remote working requisites and expectations.

2. Exemplify your strong leadership by recognizing the needs of employees, and by implementing tools that could assist in daily communication and collaboration of employees.

3. You must realize that remote employees need to manage time for socializing and taking breaks, both of which happen more naturally at in-office environments. Herein, as an HR, you should find unique ways to connect with your coworkers and not make them feel isolated.

You might be physically distant from your employees, but a strong virtual connection can and should always be built.

Continuous and effectual efforts by Marketing Team

For marketing professionals, sitting in a cubicle is something not very doable. They indeed need a peaceful environment to work, but they also need to be resourceful, and observant of their surroundings to bring out their true creativity. Therefore, being confined to their homes for a long period of time can be pretty limiting for your marketing team!

Marketing today can’t be accomplished effectively without technology, both for analytics and proper team communication. 

1. Your Team leads can start using group communication platforms wherein the team members can be informed of the latest news related to work, product and marketing trends. Also, ideas can be exchanged within the team about different marketing campaigns and strategies.

2. Let’s face it, professionals involved in operational work need to have a project management tool to ensure streamlining of their tasks. Hence, such a tool is a must for a marketing team that could help them list down their tasks and ensure timely completion. Also, it will help your supervisors to effectively monitor the work done by their team members.

Marketing has always been a field open to adapting to whatever is needed. In the present situation, that means implementing a remote working plan that keeps things moving without risking anyone’s health.

MyOperator solution for effective work from home during Lockdown

With MyOperator, you can have transparent access and contextual understanding of the on-call communication done by your team members. Our cloud-based call management solution also allows for smart integration with CRMs that your team is already using.

All your frontline executives involved in on-call business communication can attend customer calls directly from their mobile phones. Along with the routing of calls, each on-call conversation will be tracked and recorded for your team heads to supervise the on-call performance of the team.

Most of the focus right now, understandably, is on making the best of the current situation and continuing to work as best as possible. However, this could also be an opportunity to prove the professionalism of your company by being available for your customers, irrespective of the external circumstances.

Growth-focused businesses will understand how vital it is to keep the business machine flowing during the lockdown. And this is exactly why our 6000+ business clients have already implemented work from home during lockdown by utilizing advanced solutions, one of them being MyOperator.

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