Art Of Sales Call- Winning Clients With Cold Calling (A Guide For Beginners)

Deriving sales and landing top-notch clients is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially through cold call/sales call. But some sales executives never fail to land their dream client, and you are going to find out how. 

Cold calling-What and How

Cold calling is a form of telemarketing in which the sales executive approaches the probable clients through sales calls who have not shown any interest in the seller’s product. Cold calling is one of the most crucial steps of sales. Cold calling means that the client is not expecting any call so, it is even harder to land them.  Cold calling has a bad reputation as some people find it disturbing or an intrusion of privacy but, one must not forget that it is also the first step of the sales process.

When it comes to cold sales calls, it is a common fear among the salespersons that they might interrupt the prospect, which ultimately leads to rejection. Well, it is fair enough to feel this way but, you have two options: either take up the task like a boss or change your career path. The choice you make will determine where you land up. Cold calling is a difficult process but, it yields quality results. 

Is cold calling still beneficial?

Many question that in this era of abundant resources, will the traditional method of cold calling work? It is a big YES! Even Forbes has mentioned that cold calling is effective even in the 21st century. The only thing now that salespersons are apprehensive about this as they fear interrupting a prospect and ultimately getting rejected. Social selling through sales calls and cold calling might not be as prevalent as before but, it is still an efficient method to approach and land clients. 

Make your mind your weapon

It might seem absurd to some of you but, the key to having a great sales call is mental preparation. You must know that there is a big difference between a personal call and a professional one, especially when it is unexpected by the client. When it comes to cold calling, attitude matters a lot. Sitting behind screens and sending email is an easy job but making a call in real-time and convincing someone to buy what you sell is a task. The thought of approaching clients through a sales call makes many reps tremble. The right way to deal with this is to change your mindset. 

If you have faith in your product and service, nothing should stop you from dialing a sales call. If you think that you will interrupt people, then it’s your choice to make if you want to give wings to your career by interrupting or put a halt to it succumbing, to your thoughts. Prepare yourself mentally before any sales call by assuring yourself that you will deliver your best pitch and won’t get harassed by emotions like nervousness and irrational fear. Being able to control your emotions helps you stay motivated and deliver your best pitch. Every time you make a sales call, you should remind yourself that you are offering them the best. Your self-confidence is everything, don’t forget to boost it now and then. Your brain is an amazing entity, learn to use it, and you’ll see wonders happening. 

Get started with cold calling

A perfect cold call incorporates the following components: 

  • An introduction- It is important because telling the prospective client about yourself adds a personal touch to the conversation. 
  • Reason for calling- Also known as a connection statement, a logical explanation for calling is extremely necessary. You must do your background research before calling a client. 
  • Ask and offer- Before you begin, it is a good practice to ask the client what are their company’s goals and then offer your service to fulfill them. 

Keeping these components in mind, here are a few tips for cold calling which will change your game of sales calls. 

Tips for cold calling 

Let your pitch do the talking 

Nothing can be sold in 30-35 seconds. But this pitch can act as a deal-breaker. One of the most noteworthy cold calling strategies includes telling the clients about your company, what it sells, and how your services can benefit them. Most importantly, never forget to add some extra spice by telling the client that how is your product distinctive. 

Address the needful

The most crucial tip for cold calling is to remember to ask the right/relevant questions. Ask the client about his/her expectations and offer them the best option which caters to his/her needs. Most importantly, never forget to explain how your service is better than others in the market and how it will add value to their business/work. 

Do not stop questioning

Curiosity is the way to win over any prospective client. Showing interest in their work and making efforts to know about their goals will keep the conversation going. Moreover, when you will know about their needs and goals, you will be able to judge better what service they need and provide them with the best options. A sales call is a paradox, it is simple yet a tough nut to crack, and only good knowledge about your client can help you land them. 

Precision is the key

Indeed, keeping conversations crisp and to the point always fetch extra points. It is suggested to always use small sentences as they are easy to understand and will not annoy the customer, ultimately keeping them interested. You need to learn the art of saying more with fewer words. 

Strategic timing 

Being a salesperson means making about 60-80 calls a day. But before making any call, you must note that if it is the right time or not. You are already choosing to interrupt them by making an unexpected call it, will be appreciated if you do that strategically and avoid hours such as early morning, lunchtime, or after office hours. 

Formulate your process

Before making a sales call, there needs to be a process for it. This process includes crucial steps such as writing a script or learning a pitch as well as trivial tasks such as optimization of timings of a call. That catch here is that everyone has their process, and you need to figure out what works the best for you. Given below are few steps of a sales call process which will come in handy while formulating your process: 

Contact the right person

When you are on sales calls, make sure you are reaching out to the right person. A person who is in a position to consider your offer. It means you should prepare before the call, so you know who is your client, and what he needs. Never go for a call before you have researched. Background research enables you to know about the current needs of the prospect, and that way you can offer them what they need. Also, picking up some personal details will increase your chances and warm up the conversation. 

Thanking might help!

Thank them as soon as they pick up. By doing this, you’ll give them an illusion of the power they hold. Mannerism always makes you stand apart from others, thanking them will give a boost to their ego, and you’ll be able to make your way to a conversation politely. 

Grab attention

No, you don’t have to do anything bizarre to do that. You have to engage the customer in the first 30 seconds of the call so that you do not lose their attention later. This way you, can stand out by making a favorable impression.

Know your words

This implies that you must remember your opening before the call. Knowing what you are going to say will always give you an edge as you’ll be to the point without any irrelevant small talk. Make a relevant introduction that highlights your companies work, values, and previous clients you have served. This will keep the customer engaged, and you will give a professional impression. 

Use the script but not too much

A script is your best friend if you have to make sales calls. Everything is simply right there in front of you, and you have to read it like a pro. But here’s a catch you should not sound like a robot who crammed a script adding emotions and taking care of voice modulation will be your job to make it clear the is a real person talking. Scripts should only be a reminder for the points you don’t want to miss out on. 

Don’t be hesitant

Do not, I repeat, do not hesitate and cut straight to the point. Customers do not have a lot of time because of obvious reasons, so they appreciate the professionalism when someone directly puts forth what they want to say rather than stretching it. This gives a professional and bold impression and shows that you have confidence in your product. 

Listen more, talk less!

It is a fact that a customer only cares about his/her needs, and that is fair as well. So, all you have to do is listen to them, know about their requirements, offer solutions, and reply whenever they raise any objections, as it implies that you are confident about your product. Knowing your product’s strength will take you a long way. 

Using technology the right way

Sales calling or cold calling has a bad reputation in the market, and it is difficult to change that narrative but, it is not impossible. Incorporating technology in your sales calls is a smart way of dealing. There are many cold calling techniques available in the market but, My operator is unique as it offers way more than just automated calls and call management. My operator’s IVR outbound calling and IVR system is a perfect match for your business if you want to thrive. My operator has a lot to offer when it comes to sales calls. Be it a warm calling or cold calling we have facilities for all to make your life easier and add brand value to your business. 

Mistakes to avoid

Sounding like a machine 

A mistake a lot of salespersons make is sounding like a robot. Not altering your conversation according to the company you are talking to will make it seem that you have just crammed the script, and you are now reciting it. It will not only annoy the customer but also make them reject your product, no matter how good it might be.  Similarly, using a general script will also make things seem unnatural. Both of these will decrease the probability of a customer wanting your product as they convey that no efforts have been made from your side.

Not listening enough

Like we have previously mentioned customers, only care about themselves. They are looking for someone who can fulfill their requirements. If they like your product, they will opt for it. If your product is not feasible for them, then it won’t matter to them at all. The key is to listen to them and understand what they need. You need to focus on engaging the prospect and give them a chance to speak too, or else blabbering is of no use. You must always listen to what your prospect has to say, as sometimes they might give you valuable information which might come in handy for the next calls that you have to make. Moreover, when you listen, the prospect feels heard and respected.

Never ask how they are doing!

Asking “how are you today”? Is a classic mistake you should avoid. This is an overused phrase that kills a conversation rather than building it. One can answer this with only a single word such as ‘fine’ or ‘good’, and this will then leave you in a very awkward place. The better way to start would be thanking them for taking your call and then getting to your point.

Asking them if the time is right

This is one mistake that many salespersons make while making a sales call. They ask if that is a good time to talk. The answer is NO! Especially when someone is getting an unexpected call. By asking this, you give them a way out, to leave the call right there without even listening to you, and that’s when you lose a prospect. A better thing to do would be to thank them for picking up your call and then straight off jumping to your point.

Apologizing too much

To be polite, some salespersons say “I am sorry to bother you”. But this is not the right way, of course, you are bothering them by calling from an unknown number but, you do not have to mention that as it seems that you are not confident enough. You should be confident about your product/service and must be confident about making the sales call as well. When you will seem confident to the prospect, he/she will also gain faith in your product.

Ramble is a gamble 

Some salespersons fail to stick to a point. They take the conversation here and there which, sometimes even deviates from the product they are offering. You need to make sure that you are not rambling. Always over-prepare or even learn, if you have to, that is what you are going to say. You get only one chance, and you should not blow it off by talking about irrelevant stuff. 

Sales calling/cold calling is a difficult way to land clients. Many salespersons are apprehensive about it because they have fear of rejection and fear of the unknown. To them, it seems a waste of time but it is the opposite. If you make cold calls strategically, keeping the above things in mind, there is no way that you won’t get favorable results. Keep going! 

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