About Sunderdeep Group of Institutions

The Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, which is accredited by the AICTE and has ISO 9001:2000 certification, is one of the most well-known educational institutions in Uttar Pradesh. Motivated by a desire to give back to the community, a desire to spread knowledge, and social concerns, a group of businesses raised the money to establish Sunder Deep Education Society, Ghaziabad. The organization planned for an integrated campus for Engineering, Pharmacy, Architecture, Management, Hotel Management, Dental, and Medical Sciences out of respect for your desire for education. Therefore, the institution believes that it's important to help young aspirants develop their careers.

Problem Statement

Offering several courses across several educational departments such as Engineering, Pharmacy, Architecture, Management, Hotel Management, Dental, and Medical Sciences, Sunderdeep Group of Institutions has always strived to give the best service to their students.However they faced challenges during the time of admissions.

Below are the challenges faced by Sunderdeep Group of Institutions:

  1. The high volume of calls each day was having an effect on their admissions.They were missing out on several admissions as they couldn’t answer multiple calls at a time.
  2. Since the institution offers several courses, it was difficult for them to segregate the calls based on the course.

The Solution

Sunderdeep Group of Institutions has reached out to MyOperator to help them simplify their call management process in May 2017. To address the aforementioned problems, MyOperator provided them with a comprehensive solution-an IVR.

The Sunderdeep Group of Institutions received a virtual helpline number and a multi-level IVR from MyOperator, enabling them to build up multiple departments in their IVR call flow for their numerous courses. The MyOperator platform routes calls to the relevant department and point of contact for each of their courses.

Key Results

  1. The call management solution provided by MyOperator has exceeded Sunderdeep Group's expectations by boosting the call pick-up ratio and declined call drops.
  2. Moreover, Sunderdeep Group was able to seamlessly integrate their ERP with the call management system through the MyOperator proprietary open API framework.

Customer speaks

We started working with MyOperator in May 2017 and it has been a very positive relationship. It’s being used by our admissions team for lead-qualifying purposes. Their call management solution has exceeded our expectations in terms of the high call pick-up ratio and lowered call drops. It has also helped with collating the inquiry data and forwarding it to the counselors. We’ve also been able to integrate our ERP with their call management system enabling the smooth transfer of calling data. MyOperator’s IVR solution is a very vital part of the Sunderdeep Group of Institutions. It is a smooth service without any problem, we have been experiencing since 2017. Looking forward to a long association.

- Dr Kavita Saxena , Dean Academics, Sunder deep Engineering college

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