About Motia Group

Motia Group is one of the well-known brands in the real estate sector. Their expertise in construction and project management ensures that their customers acquire quality products at a fair price within a reasonable time frame.

Motia Group works with the purpose "To build a legacy of innovation, trust and exceptional customer experience", Their Vision is "To be the builder of choice for the value-minded clients and high performing employees" and Mission is "To strive towards continuous improvement through the participation of all stakeholders."

The need for land and plots has grown as a result of India's population growth and its diversity of ethnic backgrounds, making real estate one of the country's largest industries. It is crucial that these businesses improve how they handle customer calls due to the abundance of real estate companies in India and the high demand that results from this. The Motia Group engages in a variety of marketing activities.

Problem Statement

As a real estate leader, Motia group runs a number of marketing campaigns to attract customers throughout the year:

  • In order to calculate their return on investment (ROI) based on the incoming calls these campaigns generated, they needed an effective communication system that could capture their customer information.
  • They were also experiencing a lot of missed calls and unattended leads after business hours and on non-working days due to an outdated phone system, which resulted in data loss and lost revenue.
  • They required a virtual number and a call management system that would allow them to track customer calls and compile an exhaustive caller database.

MyOperator’s Solution:

Motia Group reached out to MyOperator to help them handle business calls more automatically and simply.

We provided them with a virtual helpline number along with an IVR which enabled them to separate the leads they are receiving from multiple platforms, and to distribute the calls among their sales team evenly. Additionally, it aids them in alerting clients to their off-hours and assuring them of a callback.

Key Results

  1. With accurate call reporting feature, their team is now able to follow-up on missed calls.
  2. Call tracking feature gave them the ability to audit their on-call conversations effectively.
  3. Call recording feature enabled them to monitor overall team performance and use it for training and development purposes.

Customer speaks

MyOperator IVR helped us to track our campaigns in terms of ROI. Call recordings and equal distribution of calls among sales representatives helped us to do better in terms of sales. We have around 4 accounts active with MyOperator, we have never faced any issue regarding these accounts and the Support team is active 24x7, especially Ms. Vimal, who always keeps an eye on every account. We are highly satisfied with MyOperator and will recommend other real estate players to use IVR for their businesses.

- Mukul Sharma, Digital Marketer, Motia Group

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